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Hello bros

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I need help for one of my friends from alliance who played Olympus rising 

He used to play this game on his laptop/windows but recently he crashed his laptop and could not play it anymore so he turned inactive in the past 2 wars .He also have his Android phone but didn’t played Olympus rising on it.I suggested him to try and log in to his account from laptop on his android phone but he said when he tried to install the game,that on android he has to start all over again from 0 and he was ascension 100+ back on laptop/windows.so I wonder can he somehow connect his progress from his old account from Windows to a brand new account on Android.it would really mean a great deal to me and him if anyone could help him because he is one of my oldest officers always active and in good spirit for almost 2 years now.thanks to all in advance any clue would be much appreciated.regards to all 

from Dejonius

Founder of Ortodox brothers

Hey there,

If you get in touch with support they are able to merge accounts, as long as specific questions can be answered.

As always thanks alot CaptainMorgan

I will get in touch with them right away

Thank you very much for your support and help sir,it’s much appreciated 

Kind regards old friend!!!

Welcome as always :slight_smile: