About Algorithm of Loots

Flaregames we have proved at many reprise since I don’t know 1 month the algorithm for player in 4,000-6,000 is broken and player are tired of low loot at 20k,40k or 100k. What you want to do at 20k or 40k same at 100k? You can have 100% gold boost or 150% gold boost still that give 200k or 300k. 

When you gonna understand its not everyone who have 15 hours to play this game. Some player have a life out of the game. Some just can do 10 raid each day and the majority still don’t have the free chest to obtain 1M+ in each chest

My question is : When you plan to fix once and for all the algorithm for player at 4,000+ trophies? in 1 year,2 year or never?

Can you give us a answer about this? When I read on the alliance chat some got 20k or 40k for the name I give them. You have no idea how frustrating its when you want to help the others to give them gold and they cannot because the game give them 20k or 40k. What the hell you want they do with that? Fight for 1 week after 100 raids to try to obtain a little 4 Millions?

The only thing we can say them its always the same shit : ‘‘Drop your trophies’’

Come on! its not a solution. If you are professional enough you gonna work on that problem and fix this for the next update

You must understand some player leave or quit because they obtain no gold.

its not hard to understand no gold = no update = stuck = cannot advance in the game,etc…

Do something about it thanks!!!




you opened another topic about loot algorithm ? :slight_smile:

this one its more to ask to Flaregames if I can have answer but I know its a lost cause anyway. Should be really appreciated If we can know if they gonna fix that problem or just ignore the problem and never fix it. Long long time we talk about that since 1 year I guess

Alysea can you ask them if they work on that problem and if they have plan to fix that?

Maybe ask them what are the vision they have on the problem of algorithm loot for 4000+ trophies?

Why they don’t fix that? Maybe there is a solution to share with us i don’t know. 

Oh sorry I don’t see there is other one Edward have do. You can merge it or close it :slight_smile:

a big sorry. My mistake. I feel little bad to have create this clone one.


Actually its not a bad thing as more topics just shows the problem is bad.

I am at around 3000 and its a very similar problem.

Also I noticed on a friends account who doesn’t play much 400 trophies in the last two months he has climbed from ranked 400k to 300k

So I think theres been a huge drop in players too. Really I don’t think they know what to do?..

But fixing the coin issue would help in keeping the players they have left.