About BIA

Dear game master :

when i logined in the O.R. this morning and enter the alliance war, i sadly found that power BIA had been weaken—be removed the damage reducing . but without notifying… it sounds Reeeeeally unkind!i want to know the reason of weakening BIA and why u havent release the announcement. 


btw one of our heroes CADMUS had been undermined which weaken his attack and leadship bonus as well. (also without notified us.

heres my queries as i mentioned above and hope ur reply.? 

Regarding Bia, it hasn’t changed. The damage reduction is still there, even though it isn’t displayed in the spell menu.

Regarding Cadmus’ leadership, it wasn’t displayed properly before the update and that has apparently been corrected 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused Heroes’ Leadership Bonuses not to work properly. The displayed Leadership values might now be lower than before but they are still able to call units at least as often as before

Regarding Cadmus’ attack, I don’t know. :slight_smile:

thx for ur comment. i hope u r right. but dont know how u prove ur point of view that BIAs damage reducing just isnt  displayed but NOT WORK?

some of my friend also found that BIA now is less useful than before. for instance the soldiers who under the BIA are no more hard than before. 

as for Cadmus’ attack power,just is my speculation based on my intuition?


One of the devs confirmed on a Line chat. I’ve tested it myself by comparing 2 bia-boosted cyclops vs 2 unboosted cyclops and it seems true.

If you’re talking about spearmen, the spearmen blessing was reduced a week ago. If you feel them weaker, that’s because they actually are :grinning:

Blessed Spearman

  • Slightly reduced Health bonus

alright, so be it.  cant understand the reason of BIA’s attribute?……

moreover,how about the bugs i mean the crashing and the free chest in overseas?chinese players have get mad at them… 

Ok it’s a bug I heard that it’s not displayed.