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So I noticed that during this war the amount of pearls you get in the 3rd chest in cof has been reduced by alot IF you actually manage to get a high value.

I’ve gotten plenty of 3rd chests containing 11-13 pearls only again. I havnt seen that for well over a month . I raid with 31% luck gear and open alot of 3rd chests.

This is reallydissapointing and greedy.  What’s the problem flare? Didn’t enough players spend gems on their blacksmiths so now you cut the non spending way of getting the pearls? 

tbh this war season I have been getting lots of pearls in my 3rd chest (all above 50). Highest was 98 if I remember correctly.

Me too, I got about 500 pearls just in this season, I got 61 pearls on CoF twice I guess.

I also got some 3rd chest pearls, only one was in the range 10-12. But maybe there is some change in the amount, if you have the luck perk? Sneaky, but to be expected from Flare …

I am still getting 80+ pearls in third chest

I sometimes get 12 Pearls in third chest, even a grey item I got as reward there a few times. Fortunately sometimes I get 60+ (even 100) pearls, that helps.

I almost  got 60+ all the time begre.  But today I go like 6 in a row of just 11-13 and I can’t really remember getting those low ammount since before the  birthday event where they fixed it. So that you didn’t have the gem to find the high pearl value in 3rd 

I’ve varied from 59 a couple of days ago to 89 a few minutes ago. Same with gold, could be anywhere from 400k-700k.

The vouchers and items could still be bad though. If I get vouchers in chest 3, it’s never any more than 15. And there was 1 time last week where I got 3 items. 1st one was worth 100k gold, 2nd one was worth 70k and the 3rd one was worth 50k.

Haven’t got gems since well before that update anyway, so no comparison point on those.

i Got 58+ always but just once(YESTERDAY) i got just 12 gems in the 3rd chest. Soo i cant judge based on just once. :slight_smile:


just got 80 something pearls on third chest after using gems once to delete a skull. No luck gear.

Today I got the grand total of 10 pearls in the 3rd chest…wtf!!

3rd chest, I thought it was just a joke that it excist :slight_smile:


See… they have introduced the incredibly low pearl amounts in 3rd chest back into the game and it will probably occur more and more frequently and hoping no one notices 

stop to see conspiracy everywhere from Flaregames. Ok Macamus you just unlucky that all or you never open the right chest in the good order I don’t know but stop complain about all in this game is fucking annoying. The others have no problem to get 50 or more pearls and I have no problem to get 50 or more in the 3rd chest

Since Flaregames have up the number of pearls in the 3rd chest I have no problems to get 50,80 or 100 pearls in the 3rd chest.

What you can do exactly like I do use a paper and write the shema you get each time you got a 100% and after maybe 30 try you can know exactly what shema come more often

Now i chose always the same pattern and that allow me to get Strong Hero items,voucher and pearls. My inventory is always full, with 3rd chest, War chest,daily chest,free chest and melting i got like 2000 pearls each weeks or more with only 3 slot.


Open the right chest in the good order? Who’s into conspiracies ? That’s how far I bothered reading haha


If you actually read what I said I claimed that I havnt seen a single 10-15  pearl value in a chest forever and now I keep getting them all at the same time. How can that be bad luck? It’s a obvious change. 

Go be ignorant somewhere else please :/shoosh 

i read all you post and the only thing I read its you complain again and again and again about Flaregames compiracy and lower the amount of pearls in COF. Now if its not what you said just be more clear. The only thing I read is bla bla bla ouin ouin ouin again they have 10-11 pearls in 3rd chest. I open 6 time in row 10-11 pearls in a chest. Are you finish to cry? really? are you finish to cry? You give the impression you have something against Flaregames? Just stop! No they have no sneaky pearls or low pearls of what you talking about. Like I said they have no problem at all in the game. Chamber of Fortune run well and no problem in there. You can easily find in the 3rd chest : 50,80 or 100 pearls. I don’t know why your find only 10 or 11 pearls right now but since many month since they up the number in 3rd chest I never find that and got only between 50 and 100. you can get 1 pearls in the first and second but you talking about 3rd chest then you have no reason to complain. The day I get 10 or 11 pearls in the third chest I give you reason until then…this topic have no reason to be.

Pearls Pearls Pearls  Nobody talk about Gems in COF. Last time i win Gems COF now over 7 months. COF is broken. Please flare fix COF. THX 

After months me too, i don’t get gems with third chest, i don’t need neither an official answer to see that gems are no more free in CoF but only by spending again gems to open chests…What i see is that they gave more attention now to gold, pearls and items, leaving aside gems… -_-


I’m not reading  your retarded wall of text because you post like a ignorant sod without even reading the thread first.

I’m running with 33% luck perk and opening about 50 3rd chests daily. I have since the birthday event only found big values but since during last war season they added back the 10-15 pearl value which hasn’t been there for over a month.

How does that have any relation to luck or conspiracy?  I guess you have no logical sense at all if you can’t see there is a clear change there. So as I said…

Shoosh go away and be ignorant somewhere else :slight_smile: