About current event ending

hello friends


this current event crossed 3 days.why yet to end the event .

what is the problem???

please give me reply about this issue

i guess they will prolong this event 4 more days because the war  also delayed 4 days

but I used 400 gems for completing upgrades because I thought that this event end by today evening.

I thought that I want to take Full advantage of this event

Alysea please give me a clarity about this issue

lol hello my friend! I’m Ferdinand Foch in the game. Nice to meet you here! :))

hello Ferdinand

I only had it for 3 days.

But My friends and I had it for 3 days 4 hours

You’re bitching about getting an extra 4 hours?

For the entire forum: we’re sorry.  Now get over it!

what do you mean maerique???

There’s nothing we can do now, it’s not like they’re going to bring back the event. It’s weird that someone had the event for some more time than others, everyone is supposed the exact same time because the servers update worldwide.

Ironically, he’s actually complain that he had it for more time (I think).  Honestly, I don’t pay much attention, but I think that’s what he’s saying.  Honestly, I don’t even believe it’s true.  He just thought it was 4 hours longer.  Or he talked to someone in a different time zone and heard it lasted “longer” or “shorter” over there.