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I went through a discussion on Royal Revolt the biggest group page of facebook. Some people claimed that dragofrosters would come quicker if froster’s damage is forged, others claimed that it does not depend on their damage whether a dragofroster will appear sooner or later. I would like to know your opinions, and rather, would like to know the facts, with references. Thanks.

I’d say dragons come quicker if you summon more drago units but I’ll take a more credible explanation from someone actually knowledgable in the matter.

The admin of the post on facebook wrote: The dragon power, apart from the fiefdom dependence, is given by the following equation:

Let total dragon power required = P, to summon a dragon. Then, P is given by the following equation:
P= D*N*t, where D = Damage of froster, N= Number of frosters, t= time taken. Therefore, the froster turns fast if

  1. More number of frosters are together
  2. They deal more damage
  3. They do it in less time.
    If you find anything wrong here, please let me know.

Following this, the dragofrosters will be summon faster if the froster damage is forged more. I would like to know the opinions. @FTB @oPelle @Archimedes@Nikko


Does the speed of pink bar depend also on the level of the boost?

This all depends on how many units you have out in the battlefield. It will take about 45 seconds, no matter what level the troop or how much forged it is, for you to get a Dragon with spawning 15 Dracomancers or Dragofrosters. The main way to get them faster is to either have a lot of leadership to get a bunch out there quickly. Or to have boosted wolves that speed up the process


Thanks @oPelle. Dragofrosters will be created faster if the froster damage is forged?

Let us suppose same number of frosters for the two cases, everything exactly same except: 1) Unforged froster damage, 2) Maxed forged froster damage. Will there be a difference?

“dragon power”


I am also interested in knowing if forging droster damage helps getting dragons faster. I think it does. And ya, I was the admin of the above post on facebook :wink: Would like an official answer.

p.s. I have messaged the flares support twice now, no reply yet. Too slow!


try something like this

if you have drago-frosters

1.make empty road with 1 barricade near entrance (and some towers for dragons)

spam frosters and count dragons

  1. empty road + 1 barricade + waves full of knights

spam frosters and count dragons

That would not help, since I wanna compare the difference between frosters, which have forged and unforged damage.

You can test it.

Straight path one barricade and only knights.

Ask someone that has less or no damages forge than you to spawn 5 frosters. Count Time until first dragon.

And now you do the same. If higher damage spawns dragon faster the One with higher forges should appear first.

It’s not depends on the damage only on the numbers of frosters you spown… U can put wolf at the start it will help the dragon come faster

I get my first dragon in 30 sec

I removed my answer, because you do not want to listen :slight_smile:

enjoy your “knowledge” :grinning: