About Friendcode

Hi… Why does friendcode change everytime?.. Isn’t friendcode supposed to be constant? For a player, shouldn’t friendcode remain the same everytime?..

no every friendcode is for a new friend (<level 10) that join the game

I mean, everytime the friendcode is different… My friendcode changes everytime… Shouldnt one friendcode represent one player? I should have a unique friendcode of my own, which I can share with others… If my friendcode changes everytime, what do I share?

You can get a friendcode with a chest, your friend insert the code, then you got the uber chest without paying gems… And a friend that collects green tickets for you.

I get different friendcode everytime… With each new chest, I get new friendcode… Shouldn’t the friendcode representing me be same everytime?

I’m sure … to avoid abuse there is always a new code

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umn… That seems fair… Thanks…