About frosters' choice of targets

It’s similar to cannons attacking only some troops (until it’s been fixed recently) but regards buildings. Frosters will ignore lightning towers and barricades but will happily shoot frost towers which kinda makes no sense. Why is it like that?

It is not just that troop or monster. Seems there are many problems with my guys. Lots are just plain lazy or ignore me altogether when raiding. Swear some are shooting at me. Guess they have heard that most of them are not coming back from that raid so…

Yes, this in intended :slight_smile:

I figured this might be the case but then why are they firing at frost towers? Shouldn’t ice structures be like, ice-proof, or do LTs have higher ice resistance than frost towers? Taking “fighting fire with fire” a bit too literally?

Pyros blast at everything in range, so I noticed this discrepancy when observing them both. Any other such quirks that I need to know about? :wink:

I think Frosters might shoot at an unboosted barricade, but they won’t at a Boosted Barricade.