About Gold

I and the members of my Alliance are really struggling to find gold, I’m sure we are not alone we are finding between 100k -200k only if we are lucky.

I am only able to do upgrades during war these days.

Flare please generate more gold out of war.

don’t be silly, answer is “event”


After end of event +24 hours, gold will “return to the game” :lol:

Yup, everyone is seizing the event, so they just raid a lot to save gold while they’re online, and then spend it to upgrade a tower and then disconnect, so for the moment you find them on matchmaking they just spent what they had.

But its not just during events its out of war season too its spoiling the game.

I totally agree… especially after you raided a bit the gold targets you will find is ridiculously low.

Especially now but out of war seasons as well

It’s normally not too bad between war seasons unless there is an event that lets players spend money very quickly. Like this one!

I normally stop when I can’t find any bases above 100k but it’s slim picking out there once you do three attacks and the preset gold is gone.

It would be nice if Flare increased the base gold amount generated by the system during such events. I would have loved to take advantage of this truely great event. However, I can only find 60-100K gold most of the time. I understand why this is, and am not complaining as it is the nature of the game. Just would be nice to have some cake… And eat it too


Its too hard even for above 100k. I meet this one


Everything was exactly the opposite.

When there was no war seasons - hard gold was ALWAYS !!!

It was a gift from the developers that when you are attacked by a war, you do not lose the gold.

Therefore, in the season it becomes dramatically more gold in entire game.

Stop whining! :lol:

Raid those that have trophies of 5k above,they will have much gold for u but prepare to lose some trophies to them.if u raid those same lvl with u,gold is less,wouldn’t enough for u to upgrade.my 3workers work non stop during the event,all tower will be in max lvl

at top i can’t see more then 300k gold that is happening with a lot of players before this event yes we were able to see gold but now nothing 

During war, the gold is abundant! As most people stop caring about gold esp when there r many fronts open.

During an event like this, gold does dry up but this time was the worst because the upgrading time was only one day! That one day duration caused extreme shortage! As the war season is coming, loot will be restored to normal soon!

Hey guys!


Just wanted to tell you that I solved the gold problem! If you click on the icon of your gold in the game you can buy gold for gems!

Yaaay I am now happily using all my workers without the need of raiding at all :slight_smile:

Event finish,maintenance now

1 more day without gold :slight_smile:


all started event upgrades will finish in 24h


Only war season can help us

Actually, blaming the event is wrong. This is what flares want you all to believe.


The proof: When you start raiding, you see a lot of loot around. 200-300K easily. From almost all the players. Yes gentlemen, in the middle of the event… Do check the leaderboard.


The real problem is: Flares have changed the loot algorithm lately (not that it was very player friendly before, but it was bearable). They don’t want you to get enough gold for upgrades. They want you either to pay gems for gold protection, or pay gems for getting the missing amounts of gold.

Therefore, after 4-5 successful raids, the loot algorithm will offer you 50-80K from almost any player you check. Even those who have offered you 300K just a couple of minutes ago.


What always guides flares, is an obsession to cash milk the players and to make them buy gems constantly. Yes, changing secretly the loot algorithm is their way to make the cash flow even greater. Probably now they are saying “oh, those suckers, they will not notice the change and will continue to pay and buy gems” “Cash, come to Flares” “money money money”.


Yes, this game is not only Pay to Win now. It has finally became Pay to Play…

And I gotta repeat. They say when they make changes we will be informed.

Although the changes they are silently implenting in this gold case as well as with chamber which are rather obvious to active plyers.

Official comment? None :slight_smile:

i remember a time I used to enjoy playing this game…