About Incoming Dark Magic Suggestion

Hi all !!

this is my suggestion for incoming update. dont miss any word please!!  :wink:


so my suggestion is to make incoming Dark Magic spell become really amazing spell and no one will says “its a bug  :wacko:” as flare team was worked very hard for this update. and i know how difficult to be a developer :slightly_frowning_face:



that’s mean. soul of troops enemy become some ghost that fight for you.

Ghost. all of you know its realy srtong, dark and not easy to destroy. but this spell making foor ghost with half healt. how can it be?


so my suggestion is. to make ghost to be undestroy troops and more strenght from original troops but come only with limited time. maybe only 10 second per-spawn the ghost will help your king and than disapears. and than you will waiting for 5 secound again to spawn other ghost with Dark Magic Spell. so the king only using it when he fells close enought to enemy’s troop or tower.


thanks for reading my content. I hove some better suggestion will come for this amazing games and thanks for best update flare games  :slight_smile:

You still have to try it and you suggest already lol