about item pack reappear

hi all

i got this offer 


but i didn’t buy because i have a lot of item and item slot was full , will offer reappear in future for same hero to buy unit slot again ?


How many Item Slots do you have?

329 it was full at time i got no gold forge but today i have space 

You can buy more but yeah it’s quite expensive.

Right now the cost is 5–>10–>25–>50 gems

I wish the cost is more gradual, incremented by 5 gems, like 5–>10–>15–>20–>25–>30 gems, etc.

Or maybe create a big case which could hold many slots. It would be more affordable.

I have 491 slots and it’s hard to keep the number under 500 because the game is encouraging us to forge.

Does anybody know what’s the cost after 50 gems?


i stopped buying after it reach 25 gem but today i forged a lot,  now have 80 slot free , i forged all green and blue item i have , now forging all eternal and gold to keep item below 150 or less 

forge all item you have to use it with item you really want to forge , i forged a lot of junk item to higher level to forge it with item i want to use 

yea i wish there feature in celestial boost to have infinite slot case 

I don’t why you are keeping such a large stock of hero items.Sell them if you are finding lot of items I have slot till 250 items but I always manage to keep my items below Hundered and yes I only use items for forging and not for sell.

Maybe they don’t forge as much as we do. Mine never hits 200 items.

I’m not lucky at all when it comes to find cursed items. I’m not able find double resistance items (nor Potency-CD combo and such cool dual setups). The only ones I found mostly are normal items but with higher stats or with movement speed. Thus I have to forge many outfits for resistance. Maybe I should sacrifice one of my masteries on resistance. One day, if can find double resistance items, I won’t have problem to keep my item slots low.

I have 295/300 items right now. 46 cursed. 10 forging. I don’t think it’s too crazy to have this many. Also, this includes 0 green, blue, or purple items. Waiting on gold to buy item chests to forge up more 

I will answer to my own question. After 550 slots, the cost is 100 gems. VERY expensive! It’s almost as pricey as a Godlike Item Chest.

@CaptainMorgan any chance to reduce that cost?

if you find that expensive at only 5-10-25 and 50. Don’t play RR2 lol its 500 gems for 1 slot lol. Very expensive. You must sell one of you arm,leg and maybe something else.A chance during a event who allow to reduce prize at 250 gems. So I am more than happy the cost of a slot is only 5 gems to 50 gems in OR. Very cheap and not expensive at all. Up to 300+ is so easy.So I don’t complain when you have play RR2 where RR2 team is attracted by money at this point

Anyway who need 300+? I have 229 on my sub and i have not unlock all heroes. Its too much space I can keep all stuffs and forge like crazy. I don’t need 350,400 or 500. You forge them anyway

OMG, girls are, same in everywhere. They like to stockpile clothes/jewelery in every situation ???

@Tomaxo is a She? ?

500 gems! ?? I don’t play RR2 but my son does. (He said your defense is tough.) OR is already time consuming… ?

I need 500+ slots because as I said above, I can’t find dual resistance items and I have to forge many outfits.

So true! ??:crossed_swords: We already like your good sense of humor, and that one was really hilarious. ?

It’s ambiguous ? because Greek mythology can be contradictory sometimes as our Cyclops said here:


Then why are you doing it if you know it is expensive ? ?? ?.

Trust me hoarding items isn’t a good strategy

You should only keep high levels items for forging ,keep five star titan items for upgrading unique items and if you find good cursed items then forge them slowly at different Ascenion levels with newly forged four star items or new high level items.

@Tomaxo trust me alliance wars is the one of the best features of OR.I know you like to play solo but you can get the best of the game by joining an alliance.

If you take part in them you can easily replenish your old or weak items with  new items and of course you will earn lots of gems too???



It’s a question of profit. 50 gems is quite expensive but still profitable. 100 gems is too expensive for me to regain them. It’s no longer advantageous.

Yes, I do forge epic and legendary items. I have a few eternal items, but a LOT of godlike and titan ones!

Even though I didn’t play war yet, many veterans told me it is the best and fun feature in the game. I believe you and them, but big 4.0 is scaring me a bit… ?

After all this time i got the offer again


Where is it displayed that how many item slots does one have?

Go to the market and click on the item shop (top right)