About jester boxes

Am I to assume it’s by design that jester boxes are triggered by the king and only by the king? Why is it so? It doesn’t seem like a terribly good idea. Well it prevents players sending one troop to trigger it (that one troop would’ve been long killed by everything else by the time it’d reach the trap though) but it doesn’t prevent the king from running ahead of the army “disarming” all traps and preventing any considerable damage to anything, so…

I dunno…

Have you got a suggestion? I think it’s fine at the moment. If a king triggered one then heading back, his time been wasted. If a king trying to trigger multi boxes in a time, he is taking the risk of been killed.

It’s a question, not a suggestion. :slight_smile:

It just seems somewhat odd to me that hords of troops walk over them to no reaction but they pop out when the king gets in range. It’s a king trap or what?

This is a good point, I believe flare made this like the ninja’s in defense. Ninja’s want spawn unless the king triggers them, it’s another mistake. Having troops trigger ninjas and jesters would make sense since troops already trigger werewolf’s howl and skull tower’s bombs and so forth

Gives the player control when to set them off / some level of skill.

you might as well say it seems odd the defensive troops can walk all over the traps as well without setting them off.

Considering as skilled troop, can ninja demolish jester box  :wink:

I am trying to max one out now to do test but have thought about what would happen if there was a longer delay which could clip troops. Or even when x amount of troops are near it killing those troops. 

In the sense that the tactic is to have the king run off ahead to spring traps away from his army, a shorter delay on activation is actually counterproductive. A longer delay would be more useful for troop damage (unless the army is way behind the king but if the king can run off so far safely, does he even need an army).

Exactly this, it was designed this way so you can use your hero to trigger them and not hurt your army… but you take the risk to leave your army in the back and the risk that your hero is killed by some towers/enemies because they will all focus on you.

Fair enough. It still doesn’t seem entirely right to me but I’ll leave it at that, I got my answer, more or less. :slight_smile: