About Lightning Towers

As many have said before, it is stupid to have Lightning Towers still up after all charges are gone. My suggestion is to have the Lightning Towers be destroyed once all their charges are used up, regardless of how far away the hero is

We designed the Lightning tower to stay up so you still need to spend time to destroy it.

Having it in your defense is useful to make the enemy waste time (by stunning the units… and then having them to destroy the tower).

In this case Lightning Tower should have 4 charge. 3 charge don’t worth it. With the cost of the boost, the boost should have 5 charge. This way people will invest more in Lightning Tower. People don’t use them because they are useless in fight. Maybe just the top 20 use them

Well, players who are in alliances with the Tempest Tower boost have extra charges. But I agree with on the part of when you upgrade the Lightning Tower, you should be able to gain a charge somewhere in there

The more logical is at max when you level up max. you should gain a 4 one. When the Lightning tower is empty this tower should do something else like recharging himself after 20 seconds 1 charge if he survive

Then have the tower fall onto the path once it’s depleted so that you have to chop it up to make way. Or it could explode and damage troops.

That’d be neat. Have it fall and become a barrier. 

It could explode like the Stargazer … ?