about loyalty bonus

i read that loyalty bonus increase every day but how i can se my is always the same im loyal member off my aliance , is it a bug or working different then it’s write ?

you gain 0.5% per day. So if someone have 0.5% after he come to the alliance. The day after that up at 1.0% and after 1.5% and so on… but if someone leave (very stupid move) he must restart to 0.0%.

Look at the side of your total donation. In Alliance —> Donation. you will see your bonus. 24 hours later you will see is up of 0.5%

Effectly you have right maybe a bug. May 22th I was at 14.5% and today 15.0%. I should have be at 16.0%. for me seem more 0.5% for each 2 days if its not a bug


I think you gain the loyalty bonus when you donate, not per day. Players who donate every day will gain their bonus faster than players who dont.

like MILOS say its must be a bug. I donate each day and i don’t have receive my bonus rewards. Maybe a another factor. No clue

yes i donate every day and my bonus is always the same ??? probably bug

Yup sounds like it. 

@dumpster What @Warriornator said about loyalty bonus is true.

Loyalty bonus increases everyday and increase 0.5% per day and max limit is 30%.

I have no clue what going on? I got double donation today. This morning I have give my donation and up at 15.0%. So in theory 24 hours later so I should have donate tommorrow

Now I go in the game and again I can donate? that have up my bonus rewards at 15.5%

@CaptainMorgan how that work this system? the donation don’t do his 24 hours cooldown and we have a twice donation a day. So can you elaborate more on this system how that work? Fast like that seem broken

If tomorrow I have again a twice donation that will up like he suppose at 16.5% but still the double donations is strange…



hello all

about new types of donations

i also encounter a bug or something like that

i have max alliance hall and the loyalty bonus +30% and celestial boost +30% donation bonus

maybe i am wrong but let somebody who knows explain how this works really

i had 6.496.903 gold in alliance vault and donate daily 422.500 gold+126.750 loyalty bonus=549.250 gold donation per day from me

with that in mind when i place donation i should have 7.046.153 gold in alliance vault

but instead of that i have 6.919.403 gold in alliance vault

so it means that either i dont give gold for loyalty bonus per day

or that the loyalty bonus is counted in those 422.500 gold

but then why is it displayed like+126.750?

in hope that someone can solve this out

here is a link for video also to prove and explain my point

cheers to all


i have notice don’t look the +126.750 this number means nothing. I have something like 9,000 but its not the real number. I have no clue why this number is there

If you have 300k donation and 30%. You must do 300k X 30% who will add the 30% = So by example your 422.500. So your exact number is 422.500. you give now 422.500

to understand more I will use my example

I have 50k Donation and have 16.0% so 50k x 16% = 58.000 I give now 58,000

so if you have in gold alliance 657,890 you will have after 715,890

Thanks for finding this bug guys!! @CaptainMorgan

Warriornator if 422.500 gold is the total daily donation amount

then why is there on the display above +126.750 gold?

then the + should be removed from the display

this way its very confusing and it makes us all think that we

donate more than we do actually…

i would also like to see opinion from @CaptainMorgan

@Warriornator the loyalty bonus feature is not working properply as poi edt out by @Dejonius.

It shows 10% or 30% addinational bonus but when I am making donation that extra bouns gold is not donated .

@CaptainMorgan Please fix this bug.

for me the donation bonus work and are apply in my donation. So the bugs seem random I see.

for the number stop to care about it for now its just a fictif number who do nothing. Its the number in the yellow rectangle who count

Of course this feature need fix and improve. Not totally perfect

Or is it by any chance something like this

250k gold for alliance hall lvl 10+30% alliance donation from celestial boosts 75k gold=325k gold

325k gold+30% loyalty bonus 97,5k gold=422,5k gold

the numbers match

and in case this is right this is the max donation that any member can achieve for now…

if this above is correct @Warriornator is right fictive number is not correct its 97.5k and not 126.750k(that s why its called fictive☺️) for loyalty bonus at+30% while the celestial boost is active giving also +30% donation bonus.

so if the donations have no bug and i was wrong in my first post in this topic 

at least make this fictive number real,display the correct amount that we are giving in my case its 97.5k and not 126.750k

and if the loyalty bonus is already included in the amount  in the yellow rectangle

dont show it twice(its fictive fake from above)but show it how it is and/or remove the + sign to avoid future confusion so that we dont end up in adding the number above to the total daily donation amount.either way something has to change here please developers sort this out for us.

thanks in advance

regards bros

from Dejonius