about new update

HV u make  graphics low in this update ? I mean when I open my heroes blog or we see heroes the picture Is not so clear to view ? Why it so blurred picture ?

And u HV updated new war blessings …so there are total 6 blessings …3 we got in war results …and where to find other three blessing in war i.e barricade and all others ?  Where ? To find ?


yeah same problems here but i have noticed one more…in the hall of uranus when you go to manage your alliance(i am the general of mine)you have button to set ascension level and and type(invite only is set in my alliance) and( 70 is set in for ascension level)but few hours later 2 members become our alliance members one 53 and the other 37 of ascension ,both came in to use boosts ,somebody invite them for sure but how when i set the ascension button to 70 in manage the alliance?that aslo does not work so dont bring new things to game if there are no use for them and if will afect bad on the graphics,gameplay,chests,chat trophies etc…and if we cant unlock them in this century…Kind regards Dejonius 


Is everyone gone here I mean 3 days I gone and no answer…why ???


Hey Namit,

The graphics were downgraded on some devices to prevent the game from crashing when used with the new version. We are looking into improving that for some of them (iPhone 5c, 5s), but older devices will remain this way.

Hi Dejonius,

The user level limit prevents players from applying or joining your Alliance. If someone is invited to the Alliance we assume they are wanted there, and it bypasses the level requirement. We do not prevent you from inviting players who do not fit your criteria.

Hope that helps.

Hey and what about war blessings there r 6 where to find other three ?


Hey namit,

Your Alliance can win 3 of the 6 War Blessings every week. The combination of Blessings which can be won is different for every Alliance War.

Chris, does that mean that there can be Styx towers without blessed Sirens and vice versa?

So what is the criteria of different blessing for different alliance I mean I feel  black holes of chaos blessing most powerfull can I get it or on basis of my alliance rank ? Please reply