About No answer Here

I look the Olympus Rising section right now and read some topic and I found this :

My question is : Why on Olympus Rising player can have a answer for the question they ask but not here on RR2 forum? There is a reason why Olympus Rising is more important than RR2

sorry but its not fair. We ask for improvement and question since many years and nobody come here to answer us but in Olympus Rising Section the developer take time to answer

Sorry but its far the best way to act when you are a compagnie. Can you be equal for everyone? Give us too Developer answer please

Come on Flaregames you read all the topic player do in suggestion and improvement without say a word. you read Help and Question section,etc… and no one answer us. When someone ask a question if no one here answer the person. Nothing the person still have no answer. 

You don’t realize how frustrating its when you saw this 

Alysea cannot answer the 3/4 of the topic here. I don’t say she useless but…

You see us talk about luck perk and no answer,nothing player have try to find how that work but I think without success

You see us talk about Algorith problem again no answer,nothing player try to find why some get 40k and low loot but without success

you see us talk about gems in COF,about improvement, we give you idea and…nothing we talk to a wall no sense. Its impressive how its no sense

etc… I can give you millions of example here. You read but don’t talk and don’t react

We must find the answer ourselves its ridiculous

we have talk about strange value in items about damage perk and health perk how that work and still nothing

we have talk about War Season problem and still nothing…

We talk about new Defense mechanics and still nothing


we don’t want to talk to a wall :angry:


No doubt what we have expect since many years. We talk into the void


Already 8 hours gone and nobody replies your topic!!!  I expected Alysea may respond  :grinning:

You’re right, but they are still way better then Flares Customer Support team…


I have only seen one flare person actually post a comment in one topic.

It is a really odd thing though?  its almost like they are afraid to comment.

Heres some advice for flare.

Don’t join our conversation …

But a simple statement about the state or pending changes is enough.

Yes we are aware of that issue and the following changes will be introduced blah blah blah.


Its really not that hard?..


When you message developers they don’t reply either :slightly_frowning_face:

I think everyone feels it at least one time when he asks a question or make suggestions… I agree with Warriornator

Sorry I just discover it right now. I have started to play Olympus Rising in October but just for 1 day I was busy with RR2. I started to play more frequently and I wanted to look Olympus Rising topic for trick and at the same time if I can give answer to some person and I was stunning to see that.

The first question that come to my head is : ‘‘Why Olympus Rising its more important than RR2’’ and someone tell me in a another topic its like a RR3.

Now my question is : Is it possible Flaregames never have support at 100% RR2 and decided to do it with Olympus Rising aka RR3?

maybe we cannot know the answer but its strange the way they act.


I think I have my answer : Yes I think Flaregames have decided to left Dawn of Steel dying because no more team work on it. RR2 continue to have update and stuffs but with no support at all on the forum.

Look here :

8 hours ago a Developer have answer again on Olympus Rising topic. Each time someone ask something a Developer answer

No doubt Flaregames have decided to full support at 100% Olympus Rising and at 0% RR2



Sorry to bring that topic alive

Look at this :

I still don’t understand why on RR2 we have no answer,no developer answer,no update or new stuffs here on RR2 and on Olympus Rising we got a lot of new stuffs. The team of Olympus Rising listen each demand and new suggestion and apply really fast in the game and the team here don’t. Olympus Rising will get a feature that we waiting since 2 year on RR2 and we don’t have that. Save many defense preset

I try to figure out how Flare work and all since many month and i want to understand maybe like everyone here

@Alysea can you confirm here please there is two different team? if the answer is yes that answer a lot of question we have since many month or 1 year0

Maybe the solution is for us all to post all our questions over there if we don’t get a answer here?

I understand the devs are all busy so maybe posting our questions over there will make their lives easier?

I really think this may be a solution… at least you will get a response of some kind…

Come on everyone lets give it a try it cannot be worse.  ?


The message is “Go play Olympus Rising, it is RR3”. They are letting RR2 die naturally, not suddenly, there’s still cash to reap.

OR is better than RR2 in everyway. The only minus is that we can’t copy paste waves, but that can be fixed anytime. And no vid support for windows, not a big one to the whole.


Honestly, its not better.

The most obvious thing it the chicken scratch animations when attacking , is that lint on my screen? Oh no its a spearman.

I cannot imagine it on a phone yikes.

And honestly the home screen is obtuse and no intro of any meaningful overview.

The graphics in general are just poor…

And if that really is their intent… then I would say to flare to grow up and offer a upgrade path. Neglecting paying customers never ever works out well. I know I will not start over with OR. As I have paid a lot for what I have in rr2.

Hopefully Alysea reads this and takes it seriously, a lot of people left rr2 yet next to none of them really going to OR.

Honestly I have never seen a gaming company so uninterested in keeping its installed base of players.

I would have posed this as a question … but as we all know flare just don’t give a shyt about their customers.

My biggest hope is this all stems from some latent immaturity both business and personal.

Again one more proof why Olympus Rising it’s better than RR2 and maybe why Flare left RR2 dying slowly?

Maybe I can say #KillerofRR2

The developer answer each day there and give huge info about what happen next in Olympus Rising and on what they working on

Just in 1 month we know exactly what they gonna add in Olympus Rising in 2 or 3 update



Its time to make a black day,

Like boycott the Game , nobody will play game for 1 day.


Lol will never happen

People complain about the game it’s bugs etc but seem  too lazy or apathetic to do anything about it, you see it in alliance chat all the time, we have asked members to join the forums to support fellow members posts all to no avail.



I think most that are unhappy just quit playing. I don’t care about how perk work or any of the other stats on troops or towers. I would just be happy with some type of advanced notice on events. I don’t even care about the new update I will see it when it gets here.


What we need is some roadmap of each month with what is in the pipelines. Where abouts in the development process (idea,concept,implementation,art development,balance). Also a 4 week plan of all upcoming events updated weekly.

Sadly, there is no perfect utopia but yeah, I’d say more hints are needed.

I like the plan of up coming events…

The problem with the dev pipeline is they may have multiple things and some always get canned.

Really I think it just needs to be abstract areas of work…

War… new metrics and rating system. And a projected possible timeframe.

These things start out one way and through testing can be changed dramatically, so any specifics will just cause more angst and resentment when its not that.

And given far too many working the system already a detailed explanation will only cause long term issues to arise earlier.