about opening chest when the resource full

hi everyone 

is it true when you open chest you got from war with resource full you get extra item ? , or the resource will be replaced by extra dominance , gem , perstiage 

I got 1 or 2 item per chest when opening eternal chest from the war but without having full resource 

Yo @AliM, lol.

Yes, it is true, if the resources are full, you will receive more items. Works on both war chests and odyssey chests.

do I know you ? , wait we are in same alliance  :stuck_out_tongue:

@AliMI wonder so much, as you said before you have prestive bonuses expires in year 2038. So the devs must give service to you for 20 years? Or did you made an agreement with them???:v:


i paid 9000 gem for 20 years , you bey 300 gem in week or more , i dont care if the game not last for 20 years , 5 or 10 year are good if the game last that long , not problem , my account have advantage over other account  :wink: