?? about order of towers


i have exactly 7 firebolt towers totaling 3215 damage. 

I have 9 skull towers totaling 11235 damage. 

When I go to test my defenses, it shows firebolt towers first. I thought it showed the tower you have the highest number of first? I’m wondering why it shows firebolt first?


Maybe it’s related to the level of the towers

I think its not the number of towers or the level, but how much gold you spend in each tower or barricade :slight_smile:

I dont think so, because i have 3-4 skull tower lv.6 and 5 barricades lv.12, skulls tower are before 

Or maybe it is related to the exp that each tower with each level gives.

My barricades move up 2 spots when boosted… it is odd though.




I think it related to HP of towers/obstacles.

It would be working on a weightage system which includes level, number, boosts, etc.

If barricades are the first in the order, expect towers to be low level. It is good, and it is quite accurate but can sometimes fool you if there is one super high level snake tower with other all level 1 skull towers. Then you need to be watchful.