About pals in Pro shop

I played pro leagues and collected almost 20k crystals just to buy phobe from pro shop. But now when I visited the pro shop, phobe was gone and Eris was there. A suggestion that you should cycle those pals in pro shop so that if anybody misses the chance to buy any pal, he’d get his chance again.

This will happen. Watch the announcements of the next pro leagues to know when, so you can make a decision before the pro shop changes.

The pro shop should change monthly, not every 3 months or even later. It’s a joke. Don’t want to wait all my life, just to get some good gear/pal, cause in the chests, I don’t get any Omega gear, no matter which rank I finish. I have opened dozens of chests already, not a single Omega gear. Others who finish at rank 6872, get one chest and get more Omega gears than others who open 50 and also finish much higher in rank. That makes playing in the PL useless. No need to play, when you get nothing. Waste of time