About Perk

I would like to know why if i remove a perk unhelpful for me,i get back another one useless. This situation is weird. Cause removing a perk cost 50 gems. It’s not difficult to understand that this kind of method is made to spend gems unnecessarily. Also the probability to get the perk more probable is false. Cause i ALWAYS get the perk less probable. This method is not based on real probability as well as being lucky but only on spending gems unfairly. 

What does it mean? It means that gears and items i find in chests even if useful don’t make sense. So i’m forced to sell or melt them. It’s unfair that hero cannot wear gears or items very useful only cause after forging i get unhelpful perks for me.  Why not fix this kind of stupid method? The 2.0 update brought innovation but also ridiculousness like that. 

I do it this way: if i get a new good legendary item, i forge the first 3 levels to see what i can get. If it’s not one desired, i don’t use the new item, sell/melt it. This way over time you get your perks. And it doesn’t cost you much because the first 3 levels are cheap. I even forge equally good items, where i have one already, but want a new try for another perk. Always keep a few thousand pearls for this, so you have the pearls when you need them. Additional amounts i spend on spells / troops. And: i don’t forge more than level 3 of an item, that’s not worth it. At least for now, i’m level 88.

It would be great if there was a way to influence the chance of each type of perk and/or transfer perks from old to new items.  It’s very unfair to spend 5-800 gems on a new item, then another 150 pearls to perk it and still end up with a worse item than you already have.

(and the very worst thing, get the right perk, but at a ridiculously low value, if this happens, the perk “growth” should be greater than normal for the first few forges to get it to the max “base” level, then it grows at the slower rate (e.g. if best value for initial slowdown is 4%, and you get 2%, then the first 3 upgrades on the perk should be +.7 before reverting to .1 each time)


You right. This is happening after the 2.0. It’s totally unfair. It was better before. Now the probability to get the perk more probable is not true. It’s obvious a way to spend gems.

Under the current circumstances (= perks are more important then the item itself), you shouldn’t buy items with gems any more. Instead, use them for blacksmith or alliance tower. Just get the perks on items you find in CoF or chests (3 levels), but never remove it. Sell or melt the item, if it is not the right perk. Over time you get what you want …

My strategy just today worked as intended :grinning:

Right now i have 3 +XP, 3 Farmer and 2 Starting moral. I guess i was lucky :wink:

I wanted to ask if there was a limit on forging stats?  I’ve been forging the hell out of my Arblaster’s range stat. 

And though, I love the extra range, I’m worried.  I don’t want someone with a lot of money just to buy gems and forge until they have an Arblaster for 200% range that can take out any tower without receiving damage.

Every type of tower, spell and troop has its own max forge, for each perk you can go approximately around 30%

You’ll notice that you’re going to almost the end for that perk when the increment will decrease every time you’ll  try to forge it. For example one time you see 1.3% next time you’ll see 1.2% then 1.1% etc (just an example) <- this will tell you that you are close to finish that perk. 

Moreover most probably there won’t be a real end, but it’s a  + ∞ so always less and less but never an end.

Cool, thanks for the info.


So far perk values seems to drop for several perks when you have about 20 perk levels in one stat 

Yes can cofrim that I saw a pretty big decline in stat values around +18 on knights and archers for that stat. I was/am still able to upgrade the other stats without penalty it seems though working on HP for my archers that are I believe +19 range boost now

From What level can you start perks on Firestorm and Bladestorm?

You can know this if you click on the Forge gray button.

Oh thank you

Dear fg, can you explain me about this problem, i upgrade Stun power 7 times, each time equal 0.2, so i must have 1.4 stun power, but i just have 1.1, can you explain?


level 8 on all spells except black magic (which requires to be level 6)

I guess each time you forge a item it gets a slightly less bonus than the previous forge like (1st forge - 0.2, 2nd forge 0.19, 3rd forge 0.18) but I can’t be so sure about it :slight_smile:

everything is approximated especially the stun power of swordrain, it might be 0.15 and it converts in 0.2 to round.

I can confirm the 0,15 per forge, my swordrain got +6 and is at 0,9.