About Pro-League disconnects !

So today I was about to finish a level in Pro-League and got disconnected,then when logged in again,I was moved to next level and points I scored up to I disconnected considered for that past level but I can easily complete it.so much time wasted,most of us experienced it,right? I don’t mind much when on normal battles something like this happens either form our side(our net) or from flare’s side(their servers),but Pro-League is important because we can’t repeat it without loosing total time ! Is there anything we can do about this,so just cause of disconnect sometimes,one should not loose time? one suggestion may be.if ever connection will be lost either from our side or your side while battle is on,consider nothing of that battle,when logged in,Pro-League score and total time remaining will be up to last battle before disconnected battle !

I did 10 again, doing 100%, and only lost time. It did not give me points. - again.


Where my money going on? On your account? And I have 2 boxes instead of 4.

Hi guys, I am sorry for the disconnects you are experiencing. I have moved the thread to the bug section. Please contact the CS about account disadvantages.

For trying to reproduce the crashes, it would help to get your crash logs, system and devices.

Thank you and once again, apologies.!

Again 2x… In 6 and 12… And how i can take 2 or more chests …


i only lost time… And have 2 Chest…