About Rune drops from regular battles

Before you even have the ability to gather Runes, you have to go through a tutorial of sorts; entering a battle and having a Rune drop from one of the enemy’s obstacles. Then it gets added to your Blacksmith and you can finally start using them.

I don’t remember much what was written in game at the time it was introduced, but the impression I’ve got was that Runes were supposed to become a new type of “in-battle” drop that would occur occassionally upon destroying enemy structures, whether it’d be Towers or Obstacles.

But ever since the “introductory” Rune drop, I have not seen a single one drop afterwards.

So… what’s the deal with Rune drops in Battles? Is this a thing or did I misread and misinterpret the whole thing?

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It only works trough matchmaking battles or by searching for players in your own trophy range…lets see max 500 below your own throphie amount…if you go lower then you will not find anything during your raids.

They are an actual drop and in my experience appear to have a minor delay in actually showing up.

I’ve had many layouts where i could see a drop waiting in a previous lane, walking back always worked (don’t seem to despawn)

Make sure to keep an eye out for them, walking in a massive army also makes it much harder to notice them.

I’ve had 2 tokens, several runes and some bread drops in a week time.

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Is that oficial, or you find it by yourself??
Usefull information.

Tested… by many of my allie…no official comformation from flare.
As soon if you go to low in throphies held by your opponent…no more free stuff.

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500 trophy range is way to tight, more like 1000 probably even within 1500 i’m not sure lower limits. I’ve been farming exp a lot in the (3200-3600 range) i’m In the 4200-4500 range. I’ve received a lot of drops, no idea on lvl 1 runes but i’ve Picked up a lot. I’ve kept track of lvl 2 and 3 rune drops and have picked up 6 lvl 2 and one lvl 3 rune off opponents in 3200-3600 trophy range so i’m Definitely getting drops within 1k trophy range.

Another reason I like this range is it allows me to finish with 30-40 sec left to go back and check for missed drops. I learned that I was missing out on a ton of drops by not backtracking to see what I missed. I really hope something is done to improve seeing the drops when they happen.


Oké… i will try the 1000 range…would be nice if that workjs👍