About Saving the game to my OneDrive account

Alright so, the first time my laptop broke I didn’t save the game and I had to contact support and wait a while till I could come back in the game as AwesomestKnightest. But as soon as I got it back I prepared myself and saved Royal Revolt 2 to my OneDrive account. After that I NEVER opened RR2 from my OneDrive file but from my Start screen, should I have opened it from OneDrive? Will my account go all the way back to when it was last saved, which would be mid December? 

Once account is synced means You don’t have to worry about your account again. Just open the game and it will pop up the message for overwriting and yeah you won’t loose any of your progress  :slight_smile:

On PC one drive cloud don’t work. At least for me I have lost twice 2 account because of this. I prefer sync with Facebook. this method is 100% sure

I play in PC too and it works just fine for me. 

Not a big deal if OneDrive doesn’t work, at least as far as RR2 goes. If it doesn’t work I’ll lose all my files that I wanted to keep, but as far as RR2, I can always just download again and then contact support if need be. I certainly hope this is not the case, cause I really want those files I kept