About skulls in wars

I don’t understan how works the skulls systems in Wars:

You need a certain Numbers of skulls to open the war chestes.


After i got my 3 highers kills… Which is the best wayto gain more skull???

Attacking al the enemy on the list on every batte or just focus on the target that give you more skulls and attack him over and over again?

Pls answer :slight_smile:

Thank you

If you want to get higher Magic Chests you need also lot of skulls, and to do lot of skulls you have to be attacked also by others alliances every day of war. So you need the luck that someone attack also you so you can make more skulls ^^ Now that you can get skulls from the chest after entered in the Chamber of Fortune you can collect some of them, however in this case you have to dedicate lot of time and do lot of raids and also here have the luck to find skulls in those chests.

You do not need to attack each member but if you see that the 3 top higher attacks give a lot of skulls just go and continue to attack the same guy that gives you lot of skulls.

Also if you lose a war, so a fiefdom, the next war you will do against another alliance will increase your Bonus Skull. The defeault Bonus skull is 2% (and has been always 2% since Alliance Wars have been created) but now many factor like losing a war or finding skulls in chests can increase highly your bonus skulls and next your total skulls.

I always wondered about this very same subject. Has anyone ran the numbers on this yet? It always seemed like my skull total was always higher when i defeated a new enemy instead of killing same person three times.

I defer to your wisdom oPelle on this subject but it would be helpful if someone does a comparison or posts a vid on the subject. One of my alts alliances was defeated in the last battle of the last war season by 90 skulls and ended up in 2nd place. Knowing for sure will be helpful in the future

King level*7 + 350 = (total skull you get attacking him)

Is this what you want to know?

You get more skull attacking higher level king

You get the full skulls just for the top three attacks on VARIOUS opponents


But the bonus skulls, given for all attacks



for each subsequent attack on the same enemy, you only get a percentage bonus

Thank you for the responses and i should have phrased my question better so here goes.

I’m attacking an alliance with 12 players ranging from 850 skulls to 710 skulls I have 10 attacks and a 5% starting skull bonus.

My first 3 attacks on the top three players are successful with full three crown value. I get 850,835,816 for a total of 2501 skulls, plus the 5% skull bonus to put me at roughly 2626 skulls total for three attacks.

Due to the diminished returns for attacking those same 3 players I’ve already beaten…Would I get more skulls if I attack more players that I haven’t defeated yet? Say players going down the roster with 804, 798, 780, 770, etc… Or will I have more skulls if I max my attacks on the top three players and one attack on a player still unbeaten?

My dilemma is not knowing what percentage I’m getting of the highest three attacks I made (850,835,816) when I attack for the second and third time.

Better yet is there a set percentage for any subsequent attacks you make once the highest three attacks are accomplished.

Any clarity from the community or staff would be most helpful.


Its a percentage of the total for that opponent so to max skulls you should attack the highest level players you can

for futur players who need a clear answer :

You are in War Season

Step 1 : Look everyone in the list, by example you are level 50 with 1800 trophy look all player between level 50 and 55 or 60 with 1500-2000 trophy and you must know if you are enough strong to beat him. To know that normally when you raid off War what exactly the level and trophy player you raid. If during a raid off war you fight level 52-55. Then take the same player during War

another exemple : I am level 89 and I know I can beat easily level 87-95. I know my level range,after look the trophy range. I am at 3000 i must check players between 3000-3500 who can give me 960,970 or 1000 skulls

Step 2 : When you know who you can beat, fight the 3 players who give you more skulls,after attack them 3 time each. finally the last one you choose another one who give high skulls

Little advice : in COF open always the bottom left one you have 90% to find skulls bonus in this one : that means 600 or 700 extra skulls easy

(How work % skulls)

You do your fight and that give you 2,567 skulls

The skulls pools its 7.5% you do a fight and the player give you 968. You open the chest and got 98 skulls bonus

what that means? You do 968 divised by 7.5 % = 72.6 skulls + 98 extra skulls = 170.6 skulls

after 4 attack you are now at 2,737 skulls

you do the 5 attack and got another 968 divised 7.5 % = 72.6 you open the chest and got 68

you are now at 2,877,etc…