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Recruit, find allies and friends. :busts_in_silhouette: Please use the matching tags! In this forum, other languages than English are allowed. Max. one bump per day!

If you are looking for an Alliance it helps to give the following information:

* IGN: Your name in-game
* Language: Your preferred language (You can mention this in the thread title)
* Hero level: Your King level (You should put this into the thread title)
* Alliance Tower's level:  1K, 2K, 5K, etc.
* Availability: Very Active -- Active -- Sometimes Active
* (Optional): What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for: Blazing Knight, Power Archer, etc
* (Optional): Tell us something about yourself (no personal information though!)

If you are looking for Alliance members it helps to give the following information:

Topic title: [Alliance Name] - [Alliance Level] - [Main Language] -  [Hero Level Req: 55]

Example:  Gods of Destiny - Level 38 - English - Hero lvl req:55

Remember to make only 1 thread per Alliance!


► The main thing is to tell to other people your Alliance name otherwise they can't join your ally...

Alliance Name: Your Alliance name

► Alliance level is important most of the time to recognize at what point is the alliance...

Alliance Level: lvl 30, lvl 42, etc

► Another important thing is telling at what rank is set your alliance...

Alliance Leaderboard: Your alliance name top 100, top 500, etc

► Short description of your Alliance will let know to the new people what they'll have to face...

► Every decent Alliance has some requirements, so the better thing is set yours...

Requirements to join:

* Minimum donation of 50k, 100k, etc
* We recruit people only over 2,000 trophies, 3,000 trophies, etc
* Hero level
* Others...

► Gifts like Elite Boosts or War Boosts are important for the loyalty of your members...


* We give a permanent boost, we have multiple Elite Boosts as Blazing Knight, Power Archers, etc
* We give the rank of General who has been loyal for a long time, we give "champions" or "shields" to members according to ...etc
* Others...

► Set some rules for your Alliance so people will know immediately with who they are dealing...


* We don't tolerate bad words
* After 3 warning you will be expelled
* Others...

► (Optional) If you have a "motto" of your alliance is always good to share with others...

Motto: Your alliance motto

► At last, you can always liven up your thread adding images or similar things...

And now what are you waiting? Go to recruit new people! They are waiting for you!

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