About the Blacksmith Event

How about a warning several days in advance? I perked all my stuff yesterday, so now I will completely miss all benefit from the event. :slightly_frowning_face:



Oh nay nay.


Hello dear ?

it will be useful for you to keep track of topics from the forum constantly. 

I am a crazy girl who speaks very much. I can follow the topics occasionally for you. ?


Yeah, it would be the ideal and everyone would love it, but unfortunately it will not happen.

It would be like a dream coming true if they released a calendar event. 

Cm’on flare, this is unacceptable to mess up the timing like this! Yesterday, on Sunday, the event ended after the timing was set to end at about 11 AM ET, that was fine with me, but I was disappointed to see it go so soon! I forged everything in my Castle at about 3 PM (4 hours after the event ended) and therefore LOSING about 3 or 4 more forges that I would’ve had, had flare not messed up the timing! This is, of course, partly my fault as I knew that there would be the chance that the event would be extended, but it is irresponsible by flare and very irritating to me! Please, make sure to test the time before you start another event!

Exactly,  they end bs too soon, lot players forged with now 7 d cd time.  Flare prolonged today bs event.  How can you follow the forum, when flare constantly made mistakes. 

I start to believe flare made those mistakes on purpose, hoping some fools will skipp cd off 7 days (900 gems).

Welcome in the world of flare Exiled.   I only hope you have big wallet to play this game ?

Frustrates the ***** out of me that flare messed up the timing on this. I’m one of those players you mentioned that has the 7d cooldown on EVERYTHING! I seriously hope they compensate us more than just an extended BS Event that some get to miss out on! Of course, flare does not HAVE to compensate, but with this kind of madness that really will tick players off, it’d probably be a smart move

I said c r a p btw, in my post above, not, well, the other one  

Bs event announced to end monday.  In fact it ended on sunday.  Lot players forged on sunday, with now cd of 7 days

On monday they announced they prolong bs till wednesday

What mean prolonging of 3 days, when you have cd of 7 days?

Is flare hoping some fo@ls skipp cd (900 gems)

Thx flare,  all your stupidities  of last weeks, only made more players, or leave the game, or stops buying gems.  

I agree, this sucks! Flare should do something to compensate those who missed out on the extra BS event days! Those players are gonna miss 5-6 forges on their items!! 

Promo Fabbro non è attivo. niente perle triple e nessuna 12 ore di recupero. Un altro bug? Promo Fabbro is not active. Nice triple pearls and no 12 hours of recovery. Another bug?

If history in this game did teach us a lesson, it would be that when events end too soon, keenflare always extended the event for a couple of days as a kind of compensation.

So I predicted this was a likely scenario. I didn’t forge on purpose after the end of blacksmith event yesterday. 

Having said it, it’s not nice indeed to have stuff in cool down, meaning you can’t forge it every 12 hours, but now have to wait for a couple of days. Yep, the extra forges help a lot to add some real extra value to stuff. During the community week, I did forge my heal ring to a pretty high value. 

Luckily I knew that they will prolong the event. Nothing is on cooldown here

Good for you, i know some really p@ssed coz they spent lot gems, thinking it ends on monday to skipp, now with cd 7 days, seeing now they could do 7 forges more for free 

Mean they used 840 gems for something they could have for free when flare did their job good

So i think flare made those mistakes on purpose 

840 gems for 1 item

Some here spent 840 gems /item, they could have for free, and than wondering more and more are leaving the game ?

If they give me 10k gems to reset the cooldowns I am fine, otherwise if we call them Failgames, there is a reason…

Now you all know how I felt back then when I was cheated after the start of the BS event. In my case it was a week long event, in your case “only” 2 days

NO! NO WAY! NAH NAH! This is not your fault at all. Stop blaming yourself and blame the real responsible: Failgames.

You had a clear communication, a clear advice the event was ending, earlier than usual but still clear, no communications about the extension done BEFORE the end of the event. This is ALL FAILGAMES FAULT.

True, but I did know that it was mistake. But you’re right, it IS Flare’s fault and it’s really frustrating to me. A compensation for the missed forges would be nice. I think anyone who had what happened to me, should get compensated somehow