About the Blacksmith Event

If 1 daÿ, 2 days, or 7 days, flare is making too many mistakes to think it is just accidentally. 

They just ripped just 5~7 times 121 gems from those who skipped cd thinking event ends on monday, but ended 1st on sunday

I agree, when it comes to events, flare makes too many mistakes. If flare wants a calmer community, they gotta lower the number of bugs and problems

items in the inventory*spells*troops*towers*obstacles*1000 gems to clean the 1 week+ cooldowns, every compensation below this one is a scam.

There were 3 threads about this. I have merged them all into this one. fyi

Thanks, Madlen. As the saying goes, two is a party, three is a crowd :wink:  

This is pure gems milking, I am really disgusted by the behavior of Flare after 4.0 update.

Hope you have many cows out there, but even a cow can kick you if you squeeze to hard.

Hi NotYourBusiness,

Calm yourself. Nobody here made a mistake on purpose. Please also refrain from comparing players, the community or anybody else as cows in this forum.


You did, right now. I did not. I made a figure of speech.

Your statement tells A LOT about Flaregames idea of their user, btw…

Maybe you not make mistake, but it costs lot to spent 900 gems/article to skipp cd to get extra forging.  That is the point.  It cost is, players, gems.

Are you setting back cd time of the forging with cd time more than 6 days?

If you could, lot would be happy

Only server maintenance?


And because of that figure of speech you were using, you were discriminating users and the community. So again stop from using direct speech, figures of speech or any other ways to insult people here.



@Madlen, is there any way you could remove the cool-down times those who have 7d cool-down times? Or at least send them down to 12 hours!

it has never been resetted before…I doubt that it will be done now…but let’s get some hopes ?


Hello @Teamy dear

I’m glad to be your so active on the forum. 

The knowledge and experience of super players like you is invaluable to us. 

the only thing that does not change is the changes. all events should be an excuse for us. The important thing is chatting and friendship.

What is this. First the BS event ends, and we do a regular forging of 8 days, and u again start.

How much greedy you can be? 

Forget it FG is useless. Time for another game 

Some players have reported reduced cooling time. Not fair, i am still with 7 d.

Hello @Mathew dear

I think you are all exaggerating. I am sure there are work programs for them. 

if all the activities are going to be as if you were asking, what do the FG employees do work?

it is important to do what is best in all circumstances. Dont worry dear


True, well said. I guess you will even be happier if one day FG decides you cheated to come ahead in the game. Even though it could be wrong. Out up a ticket in the support and make the best of the circumstances.?

I admit it is a very good answer. ??


Sorry, if you felt bad.

@Madlen God help you ?

Everyone tells you the problems, but no one asks you if you have a problems. Good luck my dear ?