About the blacksmith event

According to the event note, pearls produced are twice faster, i thought 1 item meltdown like 4hrs/per item will be reduced to 2hrs but when i noticed, 1 item meltdown is being processed for 13 hrs or more. So the pearls produced is 5x but also the meltdown process is x5, however, it wasn’t mentioned in the event notes. Please make certain of your update messages/notes to prevent confusion from players. Thanks

I dont think they have to explain a simple math problem in the event. You produce pearls twice as fast but your items are worth 5 times their original worth. In the end, it means the item will take 2.5x more time to melt. 

The real deal is that you will get 2x more pearl in the next 48h while having to melt less items.

Here is the full view of the event.

And you can boost your Blackie, so 2.5x more time but 3x more speed, that means you get the promised 5x pearls in a 83% of the original time that the item would take to melt with no boost and no event.