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I really appreciate the fact that KKStar made a new trivia game here, for gems. But I must say that it was extremely unfair to those living in the US. Hardly anybody watches “Field Hockey” here in the States and then you have questions about Cricket? Cricket? I know what Cricket is, but nobody pays THAT much attention to it. I would prefer a much fairer trivia with a mix. I don’t mind some question about sports I don’t know, but to none of the real American sports in it is preposterous, especially Basketball. EVERYBODY in the world knows about basketball and pretty much everything in it, so why not have any questions about that. Please can you have it be a bit more fair next time. I was very disappointed to see that more than half the questions were some that I could not answer

Google can always help ?

And btw everyone knowing about basketball in whole world is highly debate able.  There are always some part in world where a particular sport is not popular. 

Seriously ??? You cannot have questions that are equally easy to everyone, whatever sport/trivia topic would be chosen, there always will be someone who has no bloody idea about it,  but hey, everyone from us has access to the Internet and google. If you didn’t put enough effort to google those answers, well, pitty :slight_smile:


Oh well. We will have other trivias where you may know some of the answers straight away and other don’t. It’s the game after all.

No, I could get that right, but the only reason I don’t look them up on Google is that’s basically cheating. The answers should be based purely on skill alone, not anything outside of that

No, I beg to differ. Doing research is half the fun.

Sports is more universal than other Trivias, e.g. Aviation. It is easy to look up. Every sports will be unpopular in some country but I do not see a problem in that.
Whats fun in knowing Basketball facts?

Okay, I get your drift. I’ll be sure to do that next time lol

Even if the question is based on sport you like or follow, or the sport that is very popular in your country, it doesn’t mean at all that you will know the answer just like that. For example I like tennis and do follow it, do you think any tennis fan would just know like that who holds the record of most consecutive gran slam finals in the whole history of tennis ? :lol: No, it requires research. It is trivia that is held on the Internet platform, with no timer to give your answer, and it lasts for a few days so it gives you a lot of time to dig for answers. Those trivias are a great chance to basically find out new things which maybe you would never find out in your life, in order to get to know something, you need to do some research - on the Internet, books or maybe asking others for their opinion. Based on your answers to last trivia, I can see you did minimum effort to give proper answers, and that’s why you will get only a few gems, while others who put some effort will get 1500.


And honestly, I swear, every single day you create a topic to complain about something :lol: And if there is nothing to really complain on, you come up with the most ridiculous thing to complain about :lol:

When you need to reach your 10 posts per day

Like others have mentioned, there is a thing called Google, use it

Pretty sure my dad would know :lol: 

I do not, I just feel that, when I find something I do not agree with at all, I should say something instead of hiding in a corner

Hello Cricket had a heavy weightage this trivia, one reason being,  I’m well-versed with the sport, and I know some things which might not easily be found on the internet. I’m not really familiar with any American sport, neither Basketball, so I would not be able to verify in case of debatable answers. :slight_smile:

Even that cricket question was not easy because we had to look for all domestic teams of different countries,  don’t think it can be answered without taking help from google for any normal person ?

Like nobody watch all wrestling, formula one or by example Tennis,etc… This question on Trivia cannot please everyone. I guess if you think you cannot answer much you can pass it or use google to help you. In worst case scenario you fail and you try a another one next time

SORRY!!! :grinning:

Guess what abraham says? usa-ruchomy-obrazek-0007.gif

:stuck_out_tongue:  …


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He creates posts to have the largest number possible. he writes nonsense and other crap, only that the number next to the nickname grows … I do not know how old he is, but he is not one of the brightest, if he has exceeded 12 years

Now, aside the good points some other people already pointed out such as any topic being more well-known for some than for others… why about US sports specifically? :blink:

Not sure it would be any better in terms of equal chances… they’re just one nation as well, after all. Just as the US (or most of Europe) do not care much about Cricket, many other countries may not care about basketball, for example. Certainly not everyone in the world knows much about basketball.

In most of Europe it isn’t really a thing either. Way, way more important in many European countries is football (which you call soccer for some reason :lol:

So I guess, what I wanna say is:

  • If you really want equal chances for everyone, focusing on any single nation’s sports is already throwing it off. And in fact, focusing on sports in general already is disadvantaging all those people interested less in sports, but more into anything else. Or those doing some fancy exotic sports that aren’t featured in a more “mainstream” sports trivia. Generally, ANY topic will create unequal pre-knowledge, but you gotta pick some topic to make a trivia about at all.
  • Talking about fairness… one thing we all should keep in mind, everyone here has a different background, culture, knowledge etc. It is an important skill (not just on this forum, but in life in general) to not only see things from a single perspective (one’s own), but also keep in mind that of others. Seeing sports popular in America as being equal to being universal knowledge to anyone around the globe kinda sounds like you did not consider others’ perspectives here. It can easily happen to focus only on one’s own perspective, and probably everyone made this mistake already on some occasions, no worries… but if I can give you an advice, try to keep this in mind for the future, it will be helpful on many occasions! :grinning:
  • Thankfully, nowadays there’s internet search engines, encyclopedias and many other useful sites that allow you to research about pretty much anything from the comfort of your home. That is, if you are lucky to be part of those people having a stable home, food, internet and enough free time to worry about trivia events for online games. It is easy to forget, but that’s nothing pregiven to all people… might be a little offtopic, but anyway, let’s not get too much emotionally invested in such little issues as trivia choice of topics, there’s more severe things to worry and care about out there in the real world! 

No, I don’t. I just want to express my deep disappointment in this trivia. But as others have made clear, you can Google, which I did not know was allowed. So, now I believe I have been a complete idiot in making this discussion and I will definitely use something other than my small knowledge of the sports mentioned in the trivia next time around

Nonsense and other crap…I do believe that the “other crap” you’re mentioning to, is my ability to try and put a bit of laughter into most of my posts. I don’t want to keep my posts dry and bore the reader. But I do try my best to give the correct information when people ask

Lol…if you want to know my age, just click my bio you idiot! Unless you don’t know how to do math…in which case…you aren’t the brightest either :wink: