About the Game and Changes

@CaptainMorgan i just restart right now and try the game with all the changes you have made since January. You wanted I talk about what I think about it

1.About Tutorial

First I really like the new Tutorial. My video is of 30 minutes really amazing. The previous one was little and don’t have show all mechanics together. I remember autoplay,defense and all was separate on many days of playing and I have do many separate video on many days just to show well the tutorial. So new players probably have forgot some basic information on the moment and they come on the forum ask question.That why we was surprise to see question about stuffs in tutorial because the tutorial was made on several days

Now with the new tutorial we see all mechanics all in one in 30 minutes gameplay. The resources and the battles. You have put in the tutorial and that will help new player to understand more the game the autoplay and I see you have offer for free all 3 Artemis Towers plus 2 Barricades. If I remember the old one offer only 1 barricade and 1 Artemis Tower. So a big add in the game

I see you have add in the tutorial and allow new player to unlock for free all building and plus I was surprise to see you unlock Prometheus in the tutorial so a plus in the game. I have nothing bad to say about the Tutorial its perfect. Same in the tutorial you show how to unlock new island. After 30 minutes i have stop my video but I will see later if you have add Offense and Defense mode in the Tutorial 

Old Tutorial : 5/10  New Tutorial : 10/10

2.About new interface of quests

Well I am surprise to see now the quests interface is ugly and horrible sorry. Its the kind of stuff you see on limited game with limited graphic at least on mobile game and we all know Olympus Rising is far limited on graphic appearance. Maybe the most beautiful game I have see on PC from a mobile port

I suggest the new interface can be for mobile device because they are limited in power

on PC if we can have the old interface because on PC power is unlimited and I find the old one matched more the graphic of the game and more beautiful honestly

Old Interface Quests 10/10  New interface Quests 2/10

3.About Rewards in the Vault

Wow I am surprise here I guess you have up the rewards. I remember when I have start in october 2016 the rewards was horrible with 200 gold,300 gold,etc… you needed to do at least 20 fight to accumulate gold and was possible to be lack of ambrosia

Now we got 1,500,2,500,5,100 gold and same 9,000 gold in chest in the vault and after just few fight we have so much gold we can improve building and stuffs fast. About Ambrosia I am full we have a tons of Ambrosia you don’t be lack of them. I have like 7 quest of Ambrosia I don’t have use and be full of Ambrosia

Before the Rewards 6/10  Now the Rewards : 10/10

4.Opponent and Heroes level XP

I remember before that taking some days and probably a week to level up Hercule and Prometheus. Now I am impress of the fast opponent who appear on the map. My Hercule already level 7 and Prometheus level 7 in just 1 hour of gameplay.

Before 6/10 Now 10/10

5.About Defender

Here I am not agree to face them too much earlier in the game at Ascension 5. Defender should not appear before Ascension 10 or 20. the time we improve power and units level at least around level 5. With Hercule its ok on the limit but with Prometheus I cannot pass any defender and I lose -7 trophy each time I try. New player who don’t know the game will find that frustrating and will stop playing. So a little change here is necessary. I know the game so that not disturb me but for a new player side probably

Before : 10/10 (there was no Defender) Now : 3/10

6.Improve and Time

wow I’m impress really. My building already level 2 soon 3 maybe 4 at the end of the day. I am close to unlock Perseus already. All of this needed in the past maybe few days of gameplay. Now we can did it in few hours

Before : 7/10 Now 10/10






Thanks for all the feedback! Some good stuff for us to work with.

The quest menu was changed to make sure that it would still run on older devices, especially ones heavily affected by Apple’s slowing down of older models. The old menu was actually almost the slowest menu in the game, so it needed changing. It’s not really possible for us to have two different menus for different devices without spending quite a lot of extra time, so it’s unlikely that would happen any time soon, but the feedback is appreciated!

It’s also cool that you noticed the changes to starting resources and especially the amount of Ambrosia we give new players, we definitely made an effort to speed new players through the first part of the game without feeling the need to have to pay out money or wait too long to progress.

We will also be making quite large changes to the initial tutorial in version 4.0, so we will take your feedback into account. 

Thanks again!

7.Gems and Worker

Maybe the only thing who come in my mind who make new player stop playing after a week or few weeks because sadly same after this changes I have see inactives player in some alliance. Its obvious its not the lack of resources or time needed to improve the Mount Olympus. The only factor who come in my mind when I look the game after all the change is probably the fact we have only 1 worker at the start. In Royal Revolt 2 we start with 2 worker and we have events who reduce worker price so the 3rd drop 500 to 400. We have Dungeon who give us gems with quest and league,etc… you can have the 3rd worker enough fast and if you are lucky you can buy the pack in time to have more than 5 worker so new player can improve really fast

In OR the problem is the Tutorial with Hades and Zeus give us 200 but same with over 20 Quest completed we are at 277 gems. Accumulate 500 gems can take some weeks. So maybe its the main factor who make stop player and discourage them to continue

My solution give us 2 worker at the beginning and up the number total of worker at 5 or if you want to stay at 1 worker. The Tutorial should give us not 200 but 300 gems and we can get close 100 gems via quests and daily chests. So still only 100 gems to get

I know its really delicate to change this because that apply only for PC user. I know on IOS and Android we have ads video for free chest so on mobile you get extra gems so accumulate 500 gems its really easy.

My other solution if the first one is impossible maybe look if you can implement for PC user video ads too for free video. So this way PC user can get the 2nd worker really fast because at 1 worker after all building and Heroes Temple up at level 2, the player must wait one by one each upgrade to continue to level up power and units. We are stuck because we must wait the upgrade to continue 

i remember you have said video ads was impossible for PC user but are you sure? because if its possible in RR2 I guess its possible in OR?

Look here :

You can also introduce events who can help new player like this :

or this :

I give you feedback on how time that take me to have 500 gems to give you a little idea

Before : 5/10   Now 5/10 (No change)

Comparaison Note : Before in 2016-2017 49/70  After all changes in 2018 : 50/70

If they have both equal result its because Before they was no Defender so much easier for new players so I have remove some point. Now its because the quest interface is ugly than before. So that why but in reality all the changes are awesome the game is better now than before just some aspect who still some changes

I thought nobody got free adds, thought it was an old thing, that annoys me some get chests for nothing, that sucks. As Warrinator points out RR2 there are no issues with adds as I remember getting plenty before I packed that in…I guess it’s really because RR2 has a bigger audience and we are the poor cousin.

The actual reason, I believe, is because OR uses a different version of Windows Store API, enabling it to be multiplatform, yet introducing certain limitations, such as the inability to change in-game mouse cursor or view adds. RR2 is much older and, well, traditional in this sense, having some advantages, yet coming with a plethora of bugs and other not so cool features. I wouldnt try comparing the two tbh, they are even developed by two separate teams.

I know both are developed by two separate team but at the final both are create by the same company. So they should have close the same engine and all. If its not the case its very weird and don’t make any sense. I play video game since 90’s and I never hear because a game is developed by Capcom NA they use a different engine then if that was Capcom Eu. I never hear a company can use function or apps in many of their games and not others. When you play game like Ubisoft Montreal or Ubisoft France,etc… when a company have many branch they coexist together to produce a game. At the final each game have the same engine,code and all. 

So that nobody come and say RR2 can have this and OR not or OR this and RR2 not. Both are from the same company,same device,same stuffs,etc…at the final what we have in OR should be in RR2 and vice versa. Or something is wrong really wrong in the way they develop their games at Flaregames. I know Flare is a private company and not a Public or commercial company like Ubisoft,Capcom,Blizzard,etc… but they produce video game like everybody. So at the end same if each game have their own team at the final they should use same stuffs.

I still continue to think if in RR2 they was able to use Vungle for free video. OR can do it too and be partnership with Vungle to offer us free video. I am sure its the same coding,same code,same stuff,etc…

you forget that in IT business things are changing quite fast. RR2 was developed ealier than OR, and if it was only one year in between that already has a huge influence on software development. Of course it would have been easier for FG to just make a clone of RR2, but obviously they decided to make use of newer technologies which led to a much nicer game when it comes to graphics. Just my two cents about “same company, same technology, same possibilities”.

Plus, you dont quite realize the way FG works it seems. FG is a PUBLISHER, not a development studio. They dont make games. Each game is a production of their own respective studio, such as keen-flare that made RR2 for instance and something-else-flare that made OR. It is a dual partnership of a sort, more details can be told by FG officials (I dont know all the bits obviously). Dont treat them like the same company. They are a bunch of companies cooperating under flare. Difference is byzantine. 

ok its not the same then…I know the difference between publisher and developer but if Flare is a publisher only that explain a lot of stuffs since many years. Maybe that explain why RR2 have a ton of bugs and the one in charge of fix them cannot. We still have day 1 bugs and problem. Probably a lots of person have thinking since 4 years Flare was a developer and touched their games and look at it. Since 4 years many have insult Flare and don’t have respect them because they don’t listen us,don’t reply us,etc…its a another story then if Flare its only a publisher. I see them now in a another way. Interesting…

thank you for this explanation I understand more why Dawn of Steel is died,Wartide deleted,Throne of Wars deleted and some games not updates since month. They have all different developer and depend of what they do will be the result of a success or not for a game. if only we have know that earlier…i guess not much know it Flare was just a publisher. Many have think their was developer. So that explain a lot of the bad topic we have see since many years

Not necessarily… I thought OR was using the Unity engine but CaptainMorgan said it’s a developed-in-house proprietary one.

Maybe @CaptainMorgan can confirm which engine is behind RR2?

Never hear of Unity. I know about Unreal Engine 4 or Frosbite 2.0 or Cry Engine by Crytek. Probably like Captainmorgan they use their own engine

Interesting : https://blog.instabug.com/2017/12/game-engines/


@Warriornator a lot of games use Unity when it comes to mobile or indie types. Unreal is another popular option. Few use their own engines, as with PC, own engines are usually the prerogative of big corporations. I believe this is actually the only simmilarity of OR and RR, they use the same engine owned by FG. Would make sense why those studios prefer to cooperate then. I may be wrong too, I am not an expert to judge game development at a glance.




P.S. You can add the final verdict to your comparison. So far the score is: Before 44/60 Now 45/60

@CaptainMorgan its possible or not add vungle video in OR for PC user? if its not possible its ok but give a disavantage vs mobile. Maybe there is a another way to compensate this weakness. Let’s me think about something I will find it

I think I got it what you think about this :

why not for PC user introduce a special Free chest avaible each 4 hours like in the screenshot. This way Mobile players have their chest via video each 4 hours and PC user have their chest too but with a another method. Equal for both device. something easy to do because its a feature inside the game and not outside like Vungle

Not quite sure what you mean when saying Ubisoft is a public company and Flaregames is not a commercial company, but either way the developers of the game are not flaregames. Flaregames are the publishers. As Infamous already pointed out, I see… But that aside, you might have noticed that RR2 works quite different compared to OR - OR is a universal windows app, you can put it in fullscreen, windowed or exclusive fullscreen mode. RR2 on the other hand is exclusive fullscreen by default, and one cannot change this due to what type of app it is. Should be an indication that much is different under the hood.


Also, considering by far most OR players seem to use Android and/or iOS devices, and implementing video features on Windows is, if possible, surely a pain in the… - anyway, considering this, it is questionable if they really should try to spend a TON of time to try and get it to work somehow, potentially making the game less stable in the process, to provide a feature that like 90% of all players will never ever see because they don’t play on windows. Instead, they could spend a TON of time to try and improve the game, implement new features etc that can then be enjoyed by everyone, and do not risk making their game less stable by the windows ad stuff.

And yes, it is in some way unfair that windows players do not get ad videos - and, just saying, I am a windows player as well - but then again it is not really necessary to have the chests. Plus, providing chests to windows users for free, while Android/iOS users need to spend time, internet bandwith etc. to watch ad videos, would be unfair as well, wouldn’t it? Let alone, ads get the developer a tiny bit of income as well, giving out chests to everyone for free gets them back nothing. And if a player doesn’t enjoy the game, getting a free chest in a game they dislike anyway will not keep them from moving on to another game.


And in terms of FG being “only the publisher” - well, that doesn’t mean they are not responsible for the success of their games in any way. The developers will also do their best to create a good game, and - without wanting to imply the same applies to FG - a lot of big and not-so-big publishers are infamous for pressuring developer teams to “rush” development of their games, resulting in poor quality / high amount of bugs, due to the publisher’s (time) pressure.

And publishers are also largely/solely responsible for marketing, advertising of the game, as well as things like customer support, running game forums, as well as (partially) quality assurance / testing, working with the devs on a proper monetization model for the game etc. It happens time and time again that a decent game fails due to the publisher doing a bad job, not the devs. Of course, the other way round, devs doing a bad job, can also happen, or sometimes the communication between publisher and developer is just full of problems. Usually, though, devs will always try to make the best game they can given their time and financial budget, as it is them who create a game, so they care a lot about it not only in terms of financial success, but also… well, like a child of theirs in a way.

Anyway, so I would not be so overly quick to imply that FG games being not successful must always mean the devs suck - that’s an unfair insult to those devs without knowing any details about the reasons why a particular game performed badly.

Hmm, I though Warriornator was talking about Flare not doing their job well… Anywho, I can say for sure that OR dev team cares enough to earn my respect.

I might have misunderstood him then.

oh ok forget about the point 7. I don’t know if its something new in the game (I don’t get it in 2016) but now we can get a Progress Boost pack who offer a 2nd worker. I got it for only 319 gems. I am happy now and that come with chest and give a lot of stuffs. When you open the chest that give over 200k gold,items,ambrosia and more. that allow me to upgrade all my list. A big help for new players




that was there when I started about 6 months ago

Good to know. So if new player read this and have start. keep your gems and wait this offer appear. This will help you advance in the game