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Olympians! :crossed_swords: Use this category to share your idea and feature requests! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your ideas! Only one idea per topic, please!

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Hi guys,
(I am back for this post only LOL :grin:). I just helped out CaptainMorgan.

:bangbang: We decided to add the idea section and to remove it from general discussions, just like in the old forum.
Originally, we thought it is better in the general discussion section to keep all the discussions together because ideas are also going to be discussed but we had to change it for the following reason:

:arrow_right: We want to keep the voting system for ideas. It is quite handy to filter after votes and to see which ideas get the most support from the community. However, as votes are limited per trust level and are only freed up again if the entire topic is closed, it does not make sense to have this enabled for every discussion in “general discussion”. :bulb:
Thus, we have created the idea section, moved all the topics from general discussion tagged “idea” to this new (old if you think about it :wink: ) idea section and have voting enabled in this section only.
This also means you can now like the first post in a topic in “general discussion” again.

So go ahead and vote for your favorite ideas here! :muscle:

Thanks for your attention.

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