About the Ideas & Feature Requests category

Kings and Queens! :crown: Use this category to share your idea and feature requests! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your ideas! Only one idea per topic, please!

Your ideas help to make the game better and we appreciate you guys taking the time to write them down here :slight_smile:!

Other users can vote on your idea! The more votes an idea has the more it will be highlighted to the developers as well! So please make sure you vote on your favorite ideas!

The ideas are reported frequently within the developer team and I- and developers also read through the idea forum. Your ideas are not unheard!

What usually happens is:

  • Super duper interesting idea, that is feasible - added to short-term-to-do-list
  • Then there are also long-term lists/back-log - we want this feature, but currently, other things have a higher priority,
  • Some ideas/threads are still being watched to see if they develop over time or take an interesting direction,
  • Some ideas are describing something that is currently already in development either as described or with adjustments, but we don’t want to tease it yet :grinning:
  • and some ideas are ruled out due to negatives overwriting the good and if they don’t fit into the direction we want to take the game (and then secretly cannot say that :grinning:)


  • In order to sort ideas better, it has become necessary that there is only one idea mentioned in an idea topic.
    • What do I mean: I mean, that I sometimes have trouble to move the ideas to interesting/implemented or non-feasible, when there is idea 1, 2, 3 mentioned by the topic operator. What if we like idea 1, but not 2 or 3.
    • It would help us tremendously if moving forward you would only write one idea per thread, please. This would also increase the speed of how fast an idea can be sorted and to give feedback. :slight_smile:
  • Please check the tags (interesting, implement and non-feasible) before opening a topic here. Double ideas might be closed.

Thank you so much for your attention and time!