About the new manager!!

Hi Queens and Kings,

I am happy to be here! I am Madlen and I am a gamer as well. So let’s all have fun gaming together. I want to be your voice within the developers and I happen to sit just next to them - great, huh?! This gives me the chance to forward your feedback quickly and easily. Obviously, I will also inform you about upcoming game changes and game events. So stay tuned, we have some great things planned in the future for you and we really want to be there for you and improve our game with your feedback as well.

As Pete already mentioned I am new to the game, but with your help I am sure I will be fine and can’t wait to talk to you guys!

Very nice to meet you and see you in the forums,

Madlen :slight_smile:

Welcome Madlen, hope you learn the inners and outers of the game fast. Let the veterans help you.

Wish you a great time and like I said, welcome.

Hi and welcome Madlen ?

Thank you Dena4! :slight_smile:

Thank you RentelRR2, I hope you are having a nice day! :slight_smile:

Welcome madlen… We r happy to see u here…:heart:

My advice, take your time and when you don’t know, it’s no problem. We are here to support you (and so will be your team at the office). 

welcome madlen✌

And I am happy to be here :heart: Thank you for the warm welcome guys!

Are you another sacrifice?

Hi Fii Nami,

I don’t think so ;), I will make sure not to get sacrificed for any Queen or King!

I know some good magic spells as well to defend myself! :grinning:


Welcome to the forums @Madlen! :slight_smile:  

They all said that…they’re all dead now…

@Madlen get ready the flood of alerts coming your way.

A reequest that will help with all the complaints about Conquest you’ll be getting; 

Can we get detailed information on all aspects of Conquest? Flare has a history of thinking that people like a mystery and should discover things on their own.  But a lot of the complaints would have been resolved with details.

Things like all tower stats before building any, all movement costs, tile costs, combat formulas (yes formulas so that we can prepare and not go “what just happened”)

With proper # we, the players, can do Wikis and educate each other. The lack of tutorial for Conquest is its biggest failure. 

Here’s hoping you don’t drown. ?

Welcome to the world of chaos and madness @Madlen

Welcome @Madlen!  Look forward to hearing from you and your assistance.  ?

Hi Shubham92 :),

Let’s see if I can bring some unicorns, rainbows and sprinkles :heart:?? into this world.

Thank you KingStantheMan,

I will try my best! :slight_smile:

So many good posts from you already on your first day @Madlen


Hope to see more of you. ?

Welcome to the forums


I guess u already read the issues about conquest in the other thread.   So I will not repeat myself.  Take care

U are joining at a time when many old timers are worried that this amazing game is turning to be a time sink, team gold sink,.   Stress increaser etc

I don’t want to log in to this game when I am working nor do I want to worry about the game for 8 hours at night while sleeping and I don’t want to let my alliance down.  


Kindly help us and take care