About the new tag system

Today, a new tag system has been introduced:

  •  Are we supposed to manually set the tag to “solved” once we received a satisfactory answer or will CM staff take care of that?
  • If we choose “Moderator input needed”, will that mean Mods receive a ping for this? Is that not against the rules?
  • If we choose “bug or technical issue” and the post is not in the bug section, will it automatically be moved there? If not, will it mean Devs will read it? Do we still need Bugs section?
  • We have the tags “answered” and “solved”. Does “answered” mean there can be more answers because it is not “solved”?
  • Can we please have a tag “please use your brain before answering”?
  • What if the original poster marked a question as “solved” and there are follow-up questions by other posters? Are we still allowed to talk about them or will the thread be auto-locked?
  • In this case: Do we get an exception to ask the follow-up question in a new thread, as discussing things from locked or old threads are forbidden due to CoC rule 4 and 19?
  • How do we make sure everyone uses the system in the right way? Which disciplinay measures are we talking about?

Sorry I can not tag this post, there still are too many grey areas here and I surely don’t want to do anything that could be understood as disrespectful or toxic. Though, with asking these questions I knowingly am taking a big risk, because I am discussing measures from Flare staff (forbidden, CoC #17), right?