About the queen

Dear Flaregame , im was play RR2 for 3 month , but im have a question about the queen when the king has to make money , im wondering what  her do in castle , Im hope that you guys can make her join battle with the king ._ it would be boring if she only knew a few words rambled . _ sympathy for my english



The role of the queen, exactly like in the real life, is to spend everything you earn… :slight_smile:

That’s the reason they put her there.

Didn’t you notice? She tries to persuade you all the time, to waste all your gold and precious gems for unnecessary things.

Yeah, as if your castle dusts itself…

and who washes the blood stains out of all your clothes ?

Get Granny to do it. She’ll love the job.


She ll overcharge you… You should know that by now

Hahah any how granny doesnt have much work to do