About the special offer package

Quick question about the special offer package that pops up to offer you workers / lvl up / gold for xx% discount


I understand it pops up only if the price is higher than the number of gems you have (to entice you buying gems… fair enough)


But would that pop up if I have a low amount of gems (like 500) but I have a unclaimed award of 1000 gems?



Thanks :grinning:

With me, I once bought the 1050 gem pack thinking I would get a deal I could afford and then a week later I got offered a deal for 4,000 gems! So it should still give you a deal, just have to wait for it. Save the gems in quests as you have

Gems in quests are added to your amount, as if you already have it :slightly_frowning_face:



The gems you get as rewards for the quests do NOT count as long as they are not collected, so this shouldn’t be an issue to receive package offers.

Can you please contact the support about it? From the game directly would be better, otherwise do it from here: http://feedback.flaregames.com

It was tested many times, long ago


it is counts

Hey mss73,


Some players didn’t collect the rewards during a long time because it allowed them to receive packages.

Complains have been addressed when some rewards have been changed to vouchers because they saved gems for this purpose.

Half a year I have had 15+ uncompleted gems quests, and never ever get any package


As long as I spend them, started to get offers again

…hehe…FG needs to make money too ya know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Following Aether’s recommendation, I have contacted FG support team, here is the answer:



Not sure if that gives us general answers, but it seems to mean that special offers may pop up even if you don’t need to buy gems to take it.

I am happy to believe it but this is surprising since everyone here seems to say the opposite… 

What a joke, haha. Everyone knows that the offers only appears when u dont have enough gems to purchase it.