About the Tech Tree

First off, I love getting the info on all the new stuff that’s coming out in the update, but I have a question. I was a bit confused by the cooldown for workers, buildings, etc. How exactly do those work, I may have missed something, but if not, I’m just looking for some clarification

@GalaMorgane, if you could drop in on this and clear things up that’d be much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:  


May be just like the others works.

Forge cooldown  in units , spell , and towers 



I guess that workers will have to build some towers in the conquest mode and as it s an alliance thing, you cannot simply watch a video to shorten the building, and so you need a boost that will cost team gold to do the trick.


I think everything is correct, let me just add something.

This “Energy Regeneration” thing, seems to be a resource type of thing.

I guess we won’t use morale to fight in this system, but “Energy” instead?

In some game , i see this energy use for no.of attacks 

Energy refill , u can attack :; No energy no attack.

Like we have food in Attack.