About Uber,Pro and Inventory space

in the past Uber items was the best to have but today is this still the case with the add of Pro items? and about the inventory space if Uber is useless now is this still worth it to be over 50?

I means before the Pro league the best strategie was to upgrade space to 90+ to collect all Uber items one by one but now with the Pro League and Pro items. By example a new player who start the game still need to collect all Uber items or is totally useless because the best now is to do Pro league and change all 9 Uber into 9 Pro items on Hero?

my previous account I have waste over 10k gems to up my inventory space at 80. Now that i have restart I don’t know if I must up my inventory like before or just concentrate to up my Throne Room at 10 and start collect tickets. Farm Pro items

Pro items didn’t change anything, they just replaced the usefullness of old uber items (like the XP and gold gloves or the heal aura ring) and added extra usefull items (like the double morale helmet, the double leadership armor or the kickback aura ring).

So just do everything like before: keep every usefull items (doesn’t matter their tier) and invest in as many inventory spaces as you can.

Ok thanks I was not sure what to do

Also get the free inventory slots from dungeon. Just make sure you have full inventory when doing it.