about unique items

with the new system the probability of finding unique items increases by 0.2 for each open titan chest and 0.4 for the sea or hero titan chest.
my question is if for example I opened 10 titans “normal” caskets and 10 sea (or hero) titan chest the probability of finding a unique item when I open a titan casket “normal” is 1 + (0.2 * 10 + 0.4 * 10) or 1 + 0.2 * 10  ?
In practice, the percentage is added between all the chests or according to the type of titan casket

Don’t know why do you want to have them… I got 3 unique items, and all of them are weaker than my regular ones :confused: so don’t use them, very disappointing 

Considering you can keep forging them once per Ascension level, they should be able to grow beyond any regular one (which gets capped after becoming a 5-star Titan)

There are a couple that aren’t great. I’d consider all three speed boost items to be worse than normal options. I can understand people not really being into Ariadne’s boots also. She has limited defensive options.  

I want mirror shield/naeman claws/apple/ariadne boots/helens gemini/cadmus cooldowner… That is all, nothing else?

(i have 8-9 uniques, can exchange all with a mirror shield, my uniques are the  ost useless ones but at least i am lucky to have some). Interestingly one of my team mate having only one (128lvl and an old player) and that is claws… 

I see what you guys are saying.  My only Unique I’ve ever come across is Achilles’ Shield.  It’s better than any other shield he’s seen.  But I do have some really cool Cursed Items on other heroes that a crappy Unique would not be as useful as.

i agree

I have reflection shield for Achilles and Cadmus ??They are better then LOH shield 

Could anyone of you devs provide us some infos about these “increased odds” of obtaining unique items? I kept notes about all types of titan boxes I opened since this update came up. After 37 boxes in total, I was able to get Athena’s Shield then these “odds” got to 0% again, right?..Since I got that shield, I’ve been able to open the same amount of boxes and it seems there is no sign of any unique item. Please do provide us some infos in numbers and types of boxes we need to open.

Thank you in advance 

@Neptune while I am not a dev, does this post by the devs satisfy your needs?


 Increased the amount by which the Unique Item chance is raised each time a non-unique Titan Item is found:

  • The majority of Titan Items now have a base chance of 1% to be a Unique Item.
  • This chance is increased by 0.2% every time a non-unique Titan Item is found (meaning after 10 items you have a 3% chance of finding a Titan Item in any chest and after 20 you have a 5% chance).
  • Titan Sea Chests and Titan Chests from Hero Boost, or Titan Hoard deals now have a base chance of 2% to be a Unique Item.
  • This chance is increased by 0.4% each time you find a non-unique Titan Item (meaning after 10 items you have a 6% chance to find a Unique Item in each chest, and after 20 you have a 10% chance).
  • Note: the chance increases for all chests every time you find a non-unique Titan Item from any source.
  • The chance is reset to the base value each time a Unique Titan Item is found.

@Neptune as Infamous has just posted, we revealed the exact calculations behind the Unique Item chances. We will also endeavour to be as transparent as possible with an future changes. If there’s something missing please get in touch again, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I have a chance.

Its frustrating that Ive seen only 1 unique in 76 titan boxes. Some ppl get 2-3 uniques within 20 chests… 

this should be illegal.

After update i opened 6 cursed chests, 4 sea chests, 2 war chests, 1 asc lvl chest, 2 daily chest. (And many before the update i do not remembber) What is my odd to get an unique? 

I only got two, so I suppose I’ve been lucky ? But I also have two Ajax chests, and a friend in ally is at his third Athena’s wings.

If we could at least use unique’s dupe for reforging … or at least, let them refill gold bar totally when sold. Perseus sandals give me about 22k gold … I understand they are of little use but 22k seems quite low ^^
Wish they worked on the statue as well, at least this could be an use.

Guys I don’t know about anyone else I found two unique items but unfortunately after I reach next Ascension level they will become weak and useless as compared to my other items and I will be forced to keep them as trophies in my collection.I find it incredibly expensive and time consuming to keep an Arsenal’s of five star Titan items then wait seven days and 10000k gold? (more expansive than a 8 skull Odyssey?)to upgrade a unique item.Just let unique items scale up to players Ascension level automatically and also allow players to exchange unique items with each other.

There’s really no need to upgrade them every level. I’d do every 4 or 5 levels (or more) when you’re lower and maybe every 2 or 3 when you get to higher levels.

Sharing items among friends would have been great. (At least 1 item per level.) I’ve sold lots of titan items since they were old and didn’t boost much while forging smth but giving an item of no use to a lower level player, that would be fantastic.