About update for skull tower boost

I think flare need to make update for skull tower boost, bcuz we can’t get any boost related to skull tower

There are already 2 boosts for skull towers. Skull towers spawning gargoyle on death and skull towers casting warcry on death. These are mostly available at the beginning of the war season. Skull towers are pretty powerful without any boosts tho.

Absolutely right… they are the deadliest tower even the non-boosted ones…

Yaah but I’m taking about we will make boost like lighting towers or bombers towers etc…

Point is. Skull is strong enough even without a boost it’s deadly. One mistake and you can say goodbye to your army. Forged and covered with heal towers they can be quite challenging

stun can stop 2-3 skulls for 10 seconds. very easy to destroy with alliance donation cannons unless paired with traps or ranged firebolt pins down from 2 different angles.

hit stun, call up cannons, black magic enemy troops, use fire to kill things dead and having cannons of own as units = skulls turned to garbage.


the peeps with sneaky heal towers, distracting traps, well placed ranged firebolts and  arblasters kill me . have 0 respect for skull towers on their own.

Every tower on it’s own is Trash, only in combination with certain other Things like placement synergy with other towers/obstacles are they good. Just like skull with heal and traps to Block cannons, fb towers place out of range etc. 

How can you stun skull tower on other side tho ? 

Stun spell, or Swordrain.