About Videos

some days ago I was able to see videos but now I’m trying but not getting videos what is happening??

can anyone help?

This is weird and happens all the time. The only explanations are that you used too many of those videos or maybe a contract finished between enterprisings so some videos are taken out. There’s nothing we can do to change that :slightly_frowning_face:  


I think you are right buddy :slight_smile:

but I use videos some times only when I need them hard :slightly_frowning_face: but now they keep saying no offers… It will be good if flare games help me :slight_smile:

A mi nunca me sale para ver videos… siempre me dice “EN ESTE MOMENTO NO HAY VIDEOS. VUELVE MAS TARDE” osea q pedo!!!

Jhonny, remember we have to speak English in this forum. By your slang I can easily say you’re Mexican :wink:  

By the way, as I commented before, that bug is kinda normal and we can’t do anything about it…

I uninstall and reinstall game and it fixes it… its a weird bug…