About war and trophies and other gibberish

It probably serves a purpose I’m unaware of but if gold is protected during war, why aren’t trophies?

It’d be fine if not for the fact that a change in your trophy rank ruins your long term plans (gold and ninja tiers) forcing you to drop hundreds of trophies for the next week (it’ll help for getting the ninja tier you want but it probably won’t fix your raid gold as that takes time to settle in), which is BORING AS ALL HELL, not to mention you shouldn’t need to do that in the first place.

Since this ties in with general raid gold issue, maybe war raids should yield a ton more gold (which you don’t lose when raided anyway so who cares how much it is) or some other commodity rather than trophies no one really wants anyway?

I dunno, someone enlighten me.

Edit: I forgot to mention that after you’ve gained those 500 new trophies after war (because you raid in wars to win and not to lose, as shocking as it may seem) your once pretty decent defense is now wide open to the new neighborhood you’ve moved into (as your new attackers are stronger than your previous ones, for some reason, hmm). So not only you can’t get gold from raids because you’ve moved up in the world causing the ridiculous gold-per-raid calculation system to re-evaluate things, but your base’s defenses are too weak for the kind of invaders among which you now find yourself (causing you to lose all incoming raids and lose whatever gold you may somehow get ahold of).

So yeah, thanks a lot.

Two sides to every story though…

In some cases the trophy loss lowers the player and then they don’t get targeted as much as the COF is less.

but yes adjusting your trophies is painful …. though obviously less than getting less gold per raid?

I would look at upraiding higher allys as you can do quite well with that too.


The trophy system is now just silly. You can attack a player 5 levels higher than you, lose and lose 50 trophies and you can get attacked by someone 10 levels higher than you and lose 8 trophies. Trophies are ridiculous.

The same goes for the gold calculation. Again you can get attacked by someone 10 levels higher than you and they can get max gold because they have dropped trophies. If you try to hit back you will by lucky to get 16k gold even if they haver loads.

The game is broken, it directly encourage higher level players to attack lower level players when the exact opposite should apply.

But then you have gold, trophy and medal hunters? so really it does not stop the raiding… and in honesty it wont stop you!

Its about raiding so …. relax use the attacks as a way to see where you base is weak. 

Spend your gold ….upgrade you stuff, ignore the rest.

I get raided regularly by a 130 in a lvl 80 ally… do I care? not really

Honestly if you are wasting bread doing retaliatory attacks then you don’t care about gold that much lol. 

Who says in wasting bread retaliating? I can’t retaliate, that is the point! Rewards should be based on the level of risk to the attack. Maximum rewards should come from attacking stronger players, not weaker ones. Flare have failed to manage this aspect of the game and allowed things to get out of hand.

it can be frustrating …. so I get your point …… but there needs to be some openness in the structure to allow players to be creative and evil lol.

its part of the challenge… if they lock everything down to a cookie cutter outcome then the whole thing becomes boring. 

So I guess I am saying you need to look at strategies to deal with it …. just like you do if people using a particular spell always beat your base… your need a strategy for that too.

generally the problem with this is related to gold loss 99% of the time so plan your upgrades save chests until needed and leave them no gold if they do attack :grinning: