About War Blessings (costs are high, why not free?, new ones? )

Wars are though and hard to finish with a good rank and get war blessings. But when working really hard for getting them, the war blessing costs are problem. I suggest they must be free, because they are earned blessings not like ordinary divine blessing. 

Second issue, devs plz concantrate on type of war blessing too for next update (it will be about war system). Same blessings from the beginning. 

New blessing mechanicss will be good. Such as a statue blessing, , hp/range/damage boost to towers, leadership/resistance/xp boost to heroes, building constraction speed boosts can be considered by devs…   

The current system of rewarding you for winning a War with blessings you have to pay for is indeed not ideal. A change here is under discussion, but may take some time before the system is altered (if at all).

I just make sure my alliance members have decent donation amounts to match our current alliance level. That way we would keep profiting in donations even after activating/extending blessings.

I’d like to see new blessings too.

New war blessings please. :slight_smile:

Another issue with the war blessings now is the “off week” without war.  So after winning the 3 day campaign your alliance must pay an exorbitant amount to keep the war blessing active for the next war over ten days later…it’s almost a penalty as a general since your alliance wants to use the fruits of their labor, but the cost is absolutely unfair.

This will need to be addressed.  

This is very true. Please look into this @CaptainMorgan

I am sure it was an unintended consequence, but something that might need to be balanced.