Absolute Trash matching for war

And still months later the war matching is complete garbage. 2 teams that are close, 2 teams that cannot even compete or play against any others and 2 teams that have no business on this map at top 50. HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO FIX THIS TRASH???

How does a team that ranks 1008… go on a map with a team in top 50? Really is it that hard?.. would love to ever see an actual explanation for this garbage

Never heard of a war season being that mismatched not even conquest was ever that bad. Did some on drop a ton of players before the war? What are alliance levels etc. Gotta be something else going on.

Alliances involved #50, #70, #114, #140, #368, #1008. Complete insanity. Not competitive, not fun, makes zero sense…not exactly hard to determine the winners and losers?

Pretty bad for sure someone had to have dropped players or massive amounts of trophies though, in wars there is never that much difference in level.


Would be interesting to see alliance names on this one should be easy to tell what was done from that or if there was a massive mess up.

Some slight level changes since war began, we picked up a player , one team lost 3 players… one small team gained a few. But the levels i gave were at start up.

Thought wars were based on fiefdoms?  Doesn’t matter what anything else is such as trophies, alliance level, player levels, etc.  This has always been a problem since I started playing.  Thus if 8 players who are 4500+ started a new Alliance they would have a walk in the park with very low fiefdoms for quite some time.  Ridiculous I think!

@FTB said before, for the matchmaking wars first is fiefdoms, second is alliance levels. It’s their own dependent for having less members than it should have when there’s a war.

I think alliance with levels like that did that to dropping fiefdoms. Most of their players go to another alliance and will comeback later when they reach certain fiefdoms. The alliance my friend live did this tactic too.

It doesn’t look nearly as bad when you look into the teams. The 1k rank alliance dropped all their players. The 300 rank has abnormal amount of 2k and lower probably 2nd accounts more used in conquest. Also the lower ranks have the same fiefdom as the highest rank so you got a little manipulation on everyone going on here.

It’s like RoyaleDing2 said it’s all about the fiefdoms… 

See the answer I get from Madlen so it seems like they really don’t care. 

The answer is from September nobody react to my upcoming post to this answer and look at our latest 4 war results because of the matches and your war, nothing changes… 

The Last war beginning with the first place level/fiefdoms:

  1. Lvl 42/ 37

  2. Lvl 43/ 32

  3. Lvl 36/ 35

  4. Lvl 17/ 43

  5. Lvl 40/ 31

  6. Lvl. 21/40 (my alliance) 

Cosidering the answer from Madlen and the amount of fiefdoms next war wan’t be like Madlen wrote to me:

“It is likely that the next time your alliance plays you will get rather easy opponents.” 

So could it really be the only way to lose wars on purpose to get better matches? 

Because in this case we have to sit out about 3-4 wars which will take about 4 months. ?



If you over expanded, and didn’t recruit and grow the alliance when you were winning all the fiefs, you’ll inevitably end up in this situation, when you were winning you needed to be putting the alliance gold into levelling up so you could stay competitive.

There was a more extreme case with a Ukrainian alliance who used cheats to get to 120 fiefs, then they collapsed when they were facing the top alliances each war.

The whole idea that teams are forced to lose to enjoy any wars is what is pathetic. Matching like teams should not be that difficult. Should be based on team level and team rank. The Fiefdoms basically being a curse, are what causes all the manipulation. However, since all the time and effort is being put into the pathetic death of the game also known as conquest. The wars , [which is the part most people liked] continue to be ignored with no update and no solutions [despite the many that have been offered]. Perhaps some attention could be diverted from the obnoxious and rather toxic conquest and some effort could be put into revamping the war system and rewards!!!