Abuse of Gems is Allowed and Intended?

Here I have try to understand how to get Dominance

(My previous tittle was : Advice to obtain Dominance)

Sorry with all newbies question today. Hope that will help new players too

I have fight right now someone at around level 68 who have Griffin and Phoenix. Its really possible to reach 110k dominance in 2 month? If the answer is yes. I really want to know how to do it and reach Phoenix in 1 month.

Can you buy it? Via chest? who offer 1K or more a day. Someone know the trick?

I encounter often crazy player who have this kind of dominance. What the tricks credit card I suppose lol. They are just big spender and buy a ton of chest who give between 500-1k dominance per chest

Which chest offer that? i think I don’t have take time in my previous account to try some stuffs. Maybe its the chest at 250,000 Gold who offer all randomly. I should try

I have some experience to do. If I find it I will tell you how to obtain dominance fast. can be useful for new players.

Edit : I have buy 2 chest at 240k and get 80 dominance. maybe its that I don’t know. Still enough crazy to spend all the money in chest. that slow you progression in a way. No clue

its possible if you have 80 or around for 2 chest. So 10 give around 800. so you need like 12 chest to obtain 1K

12 X 110 = 1200-1400 chest. too much crazy O.o

In this world you have crazy players. I am not in this categorie. Sadly

Impossible must be something else. I will find out the trick

However I just think about something maybe he don’t care to fight and gain trophy. If you put all heroes on gold islands. Its possible to gain over 2 or 3 Million a day and you buy like 20 or 30 a day. I think i will try

Here I discover after testing chest at 240k and discover maybe a problem of abuse of gems

Edit 2 : don’t work great. I got 12 dominance on 8 chest at this speed will take a eternity. However I discover you can abuse of gold to obtain gems. Its normal? I means on 8 chest I got like 40 gems. So you have just to park heroes on gold islands and buy chest at 240k and gain 40-50 gems for each 8-9 chests. You can boost like crazy your gems number. Its really intended? I doubt O.O I don’t see the point to buy anything if we can abuse of gems like this. i means the credit card is useless in this case. The game become a 100% free

@CaptainMorgan it is really allowed to abuse of gems like this? Player have just to stop level up and don’t improve anything and just buy chest and collect gems. So in a way you exchange ingame gold vs gems. I don’t think its ok. do you have create this to be like this?

If in a day you can obtain lets say 30 chest. If 8-9 give around 40. So 30 give close 120 gems. So its possible to gain 120 gems a day. 120 x 7 = 840 gems so in a month you can gain 3,360 a month. If you have a tough defense you can gain others gems plus quest,etc… so over 7 month someone can accumulate like 25K gems plus defense and quest so close 30-35K. you can unlock all for free its crazy.

I don’t think its intended O.O

on mobiles its worst in this case. Free chest offer like 40 gems. You can collect 3 or 4 a day. So close 160 gems a day. in a month if they collect all free chest like 4,450 or around. So in 7 month that give a additional 31,150 gems. So 35k + 31K = 66K gems. Its really intended like this. too much crazy if its too simple like this

if really you can do that. I have no problem to be patient to play 7 month,1 year, 2 year if needed and accumulate 120k,180k or 200k O.O

maybe its the reason why lol Tomaxo have 68k gems

@Warriornator, please try to come to the point in shorter posts. Not everybody has so much time to spend on the forum ?. There are people that also have a real life… Longer posts are not better than shorter ones. Thanks.

Sorry lol I like to explain all in details. Really all details. Its not really in my hability to do it short. I will try next time. minute I will try to arrange this in a better way

Edit : I try my best to arrange this in a clear way. Next Time I will use video who will allow me to explain shorter. Without video its hard to explain

I had 300k many months ago, and I’ve been playing since October. I found the secret to getting dominance was simply fighting loads of battles…while you’re low lvl, you can win all on auto x 2 speed (get your heroes all to lvl 20 too :grinning:  ) just go around the islands, don’t worry about trophies. I was getting 3k dominance per day no issues.

having celestial boost lvl 21 I think helps a ton - the extra chest in vault often would have dominance.   

If you have max gold/wisdom and heroes are lvl 20 - youre gonna get a lot of dominance in chests :grinning:  

You get a ton of dominance when you buy the big gem packs. 

Ok its exactly what I thinking those crazy players spend a lots of money to buy big gems packs. So they farm 110k this way combine with Philstar method

@Philstar you answer at same time my question in the other topic about gems. Thanks. Now i know what to do. thanks all

He don’t have answer so I presume its allowed. Ok everyone enjoy the trick to obtain 30k+ gems or more in 7 month or less :slight_smile: to play 100% Free. No credit card

I also show it with video on my Youtube Channel :grinning:

Maybe was not clear in my post I repeat to allow everyone to understand the trick :

  • Stop leveling and improve stuffs to have low chest gold value (like 240k or less like 120k depending your Ascension level)

  • Park your Heroes on Gold Island

  • Do your battle and collect gold each 2 hours

  • Buy chest at 240k in Treasure (green one)

enjoy 10-20 gems (depending if you get gem of 1 or gems of 2) for each 8-10 chests. So in one week you can get close 100-200 gems

PS : remember to be full of Ambrosia and wisdoms to have more chance to gain gems

(little advice do this trick after the Hydra Island to obtain the island at 200k Gold)


There is no tricks there bro! To gain some gems you are actually sacrificing many elements of normal game and by stop levelling u can’t be better compared to other players! Some gems gained should only enough to cover celestial boost! 

For me, that’s just an exchange tho?

Still i find this strange Flare allow this. Exchange gold for gems so easily like this. So this game is a 100% free games. I understand more why RR2 is the opposite like close 100% P2W. No choice or Flare will be bankrupted long time ago. 

Normally when you have that in a game its because you have buy a premium pack or a VIP pack to exchange gold vs the rare currency.

Give this in a silver plateau. Its very strange. But ok I guess OR is 100% free and all others Flare games bring them money like Evoker,Non Stop Knights,RR2,etc…

Marketing business i think

I still fill totally confuse and strange about this. Get 7k in a month,30k in 5 month. over 60k in 1 year etc…so someone at Ascension 130 can get 10k or more in a month with this + War Season who give 700 gems or more in defense scrolls, plus War Chest,etc…

too much gems. I have never see a game 100% free. Maybe 80%-20% P2W or 50-50 but 100% sorry i have trouble to understand this

you can swim in gems its crazy and refill a pool of gems. Will take a while before I realize this is true

However in RR2 you can also just level at 100 and build a impossible defense and gain over 700 gems each week. So…I guess its normal lol

I kinda agree with this. I think it’s incredibly cool and generous that there are so many opportunities to earn free gems, but I hope it’s not at the expense of a marketing budget or adding staff to the dev team.

We are aware that this exploit exists and, while we are monitoring it just in case, we are fine with its existence. Being overall quite generous with Gems (for an F2P game!) has benefits as well as drawbacks for us, but does not have a net negative effect on the revenue for the game (in general we find it has more positives), meaning this will be left in for now at least and fixing something like this is a low priority.

OR was always designed that it should be “possible” to get everything in the game without paying, paying users should be able to buy advantages in time-saving and be able to worry less about full-on strategising to get the most out of the metagame (for example turning on all Blessings 24/7 instead of turning on individual ones at critical times).

That said - thanks for posting this in the Forum, good to know you’re looking out for such exploits!

Its nothing. I like to do some test and try to find bugs or problem. If that happen during I test some stuffs why not. Its great to hear there is no impact on your revenue. If OR is designed like this thanks. Keep your hard works :) 

By the way, you can’t get 30 a day. It’s 1 every hour, so if you buy them all the time it’s 24 chests a day.

And they knew it very well, infact they limited the number of chests you can get daily exactly for that reason, because some were buying a hell lot of chests every day.

The real bug was a couple updates ago when they lowered the cost of chests to 5 gems, while you get more than 5 on average, thus making it an infinite source of gems, but was fixed in a few hours.


Yeah I remember this fix in the past when players have discover this and have buy what? If I remember 100 or 200 chest a day. Just 20 give around 10-30. So in the past player got like 100-300 a day. that was a exploit a huge exploit. thanks to CaptainMorgan he have resolve this problem with 10 chest max.

This green chest in treasure help a lots. Not only in gems but also give dominance and others stuffs. I am happy to finaly see a game not full of P2W contain or stuffs you need to be VIP to benefit some advantages or like RR2 you need a subscription of 120$/month to benefit some fun feature and build fast. I hate those stuffs who force you to spend to have fun

If OR allow us to gain gems easily or unlock all. Maybe its the main reason why I like it so much. Mobile should have more game like this.

Finally a game where you have fun to play and not pay to have fun. with 4.1.0 i feel this game will be back on top. Now when I play I have a big smile each time. I enjoy to play this game. Of course with 4.0 my alliance going down and we have got bugs who drop morale and mood. However its the positif you must look.Its really fun to play