Abuse of power discord mods

Hi I hope anyone that can make a change sees this as am not doing it just for the sake of it.
I joined the royal revolt discord and a player started asking if my clan was Ukrainian and we had a conversation about it and a mod comes and starts being power hungry says our conversation is spam (I assure you it wasn’t it was just a conversation) then he said conversations like that kills the discord (how does being active kill a discord) then he proceeds to lock the chat and I went to miscellaneous channel to ask him and he says he will ban me for not understanding his actions and I asked him to show me his thought process since There obviously is a misunderstanding then he said I don’t understand the rules and he banned me I would show picture proof but like I said I’ve been banned I actually need someone to look into this cause I really didn’t do anything

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oh i know this scenario​:rofl::rofl:

Its a story about little nazi who have no power in real life and try to dominate vs pixels

Relax abd skip it there are nothing interesing in thus forums, they are useless

Ironically he actually is German

And what is his name?

LOL I am not even surprised by that kind of behaviour on discord… your typical discord server.
Don’t waste your time with them, pretty useless^^

Weird name like magenshraer

Oh its a boy with a mental problem. Skip it

and… what are you even discussing here? :sweat_smile:

This is the forum, not Discord. You won’t have your problem solved here mate, just saying…

My advice is for you to PM the admin on Discord and talk with him personally.



My advise is skip this discord and this mod. Both are absolutly useless;) little nazi reservation, thats all

He did very good for you, its no doubts

Instead ,of listening to a troll… Better try to contact personally with the admin of Discord and solve up your things there. These forums are not meant for any unofficial server’s related discussion. Nothing will help you out here.

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Sofia banks wait its pasty you were the one I was talking to on the discord …and btw you expect me to talk so someone who was extremely unreasonable that conversation was with you tell me was that worth getting banned.

Thought it was a official discord server

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I think there is a lot of misunderstanding …. Coud be well cleared only when both of the parties discuss it.

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I tried to but apparently trying to have a conversation about his “rules” is cause for a ban. Idk if he has deleted my comments but if you look pretty well I was being civil he just wanted to show how powerful he is

And u have super powers?

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Right now it seems u have that problem… Opening ur trash at people’s back. Even though when they are not here… We really need to shut this troll’s mouth.

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Well he woulda gotten bannned sksk

No, it’s not. It’s clearly written on the #readme-first channel.

You should read those things first… Thus, the name, “read me first” :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried discussing personally with the admin?

Washing the dirty laundry here will not solve anything :slight_smile:

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Looks like someone posted it on discord and they all coming here. Like I said stop asking me to talk to said person he banned me for no reason when I was trying to have a conversation with him

Actually he didn’t give the specifics, but I asked what was the matter and tried to understand the problem.

In fact, I even tried to get you back, but… you’re not that really interested so I won’t insist.

You’re right, enough is enough.

Have fun :wink: