I s there anything that can be done about reapeted attacks , and I mean its absurd ! over 20 attacks in 1 night ,? some people have a problem with playing the game and feeling like god  ? Any fixes? Can we bann those kinda of people , this game is about fun , not being an as____e

This type of complaint is flooding the forum oO.

This game is all about attacking and defending. If you can’t handle it then this might not be your type of game.

There already is a limit of 3 Attacks an hour. Pretty damn low.

Just ask yourself, why is he attacking you? You left too much gold in your treasure chamber. Or maybe he is just after your medals and trophies.

If you don’t leave any gold and he still attacks you, he will be only after medals and/or trophies. In which case, is it a big deal? Trophies are only worth something when you aim to compete in Ninja events.

OK fair enuff , but when they can take twice what you can get back 8 vs 4 , that’s not right

Stripping is a form of abuse , what fun is a game if the Bully on the block is ruining it for others

find your trophies like I do , 1 ata time not repeated abuse of the game



  1. why are you being attacked? Gold? Medals? XP? Figure it out.

  2. Remove the reason you are being attacked.

Gold - spend your gold, don’t leave gold out

Medals - remove a good portion of your towers until your medals drop enough

XP - remove waves and/or towers


Problem solved.

But this only applies if many people are doing to you, e.g. if a group of people are stripping you because they don’t want you to participate in the Ninja event. This was only prevelant in the highest Ninja Tier event. One player attacking you because you have what he wants can hardly be called trophystripping. What does he get from you not participating in the tier you want, as long as it isn’t the highest tier, where the competition is extremely fierce.

If you truly need trophies use matchmaker to get them back. You can easily get 10-50 trophies that way.

If you get less tophies than he does, then your base is too weak for you trophy range. This is a common occurence, probably 99% of the people are affect by this. As it’s so much easier to max out your offense than your defense, further more it’s way cheaper and faster. And most importantly people’s mindset are all set around offense, offense, offense.

To tell the truth, I don’t think you will find anyone that will side with your position. As there are many ways to counter it.

This is what most poeple will tell you:

  • Use him as an indication to test the strength of your defense.
  • Improve your defense until he can’t beat you without significant ressources (Scrolls, Instas)
    • Maybe focus on your defense with the next thousands of pearls you get form ninja, instead of spending it on spells, as you most likely do (as many others, me included)
  • Figure out what he wants and act accordingly.
  • Ignore him and just play the game. Accept it and move on.