Abusive player in game-RaaDhe shetty

I need help from RR2 team,as I have been abused by this player named RaaDhe shetty from a long time.I don’t mind the attacks, but he has abused me in the game many times.Please don’t let such people use abusive words.Do something about this guys.

If that happen again. Take screenshot or video and use Support team here : https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Go in contact Support and in upper top click Submit a request and send them your screenshot or video, He will be banned if is necessary

PS : On PC screenshot is Alt Gr + Print scm. Video Windows Game DVR : Windows Icon + Alt +R or if you have AMD Relive or Nvidia Experience

        On phone no clue sorry

       On Ipad screenshot click Off button + Hold Button at the same time. Video use the camera icon in the game

Good Luck :grinning: