Accepted members can’t join

After this new update 4.0.1 it is impossible to have new members. I am a Captain in an alliance called “Divided We Fall” and new members must send a resquest to be accepted. Recently, I have accepted 3 times the request from new players to join, they were 3 different players and they didn’t join our alliance automatically. 

In other words, the players have actively applied for membership and after I have accepted them nothing happened, they didn’t show up in our alliance. 

This never happened before. 

Please double check it. We wanted to have a full Alliance before the first War Season and it won’t be possible, unfortunately! IGN: ReEklez@CaptainMorgan

Always been like this.

When you accept, they receive an invitation and they need to confirm to join your team.

Yeah,nothing new .Everytime you accept someone application doesn’t mean they will automatically join your tean rather system sends them notification that thier application has been accepted.Now it is up to player to join your team or not.