accessing game account from another phone.


I have just switched to a windows phone…and was wondering how to get my profile from my older iPhone…is it even possible ?? To switch cross-platform ??? Thanks in advance !!

From our FAQ:


_ Question: _

_ I have lost my account/got a new phone. What should I do? _



In case of an account loss, our support team can fully restore your account. Please contact them here:


Please make sure to supply them with the following information:


  • The player name you used in your lost game

  • The player name of your newly created game

  • Some sort of proof that the game in question is actually yours:

  • Your number of gems

  • Your number of pearls

  • Your king’s level

  • Your approximate registration date

  • Information about your buildings

  • Information about your currently running upgrades


It is important that you provide our support team with the name of your newly created game so that they can transfer your old progress into it. Additionally, providing as much of the required information as you can will help us resolve your ticket as quickly as possible. Please note that it might take our support team a little bit of time to find and restore your old game.

There should be an account login system so that we can access a single account with any phone.


I like too.

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I add this idea to my topic.


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I have opened a new topic on Account System. Please check it out.